It's rated as a 4 season but is really a high end 3 season from what I have found. And sleeping bags is something you need to make sure you get right otherwise you could be sleeping a few cold restless nights. What Seasons Are The Coldest When Doing The Base Camp Trek? If you would like to discuss your next adventure, have any questions or simply just a good old chin wag, then please call us, or send us a message. 0.75x 1x 1.25x 1.5x 2x 0:0040:32 Episode 12 Trekking after Corona-Chaos Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsPlayer EmbedShare […], There's an epic amount of planning and preparation needed when you book your journey to […], Whether you’re thinking of booking a trip or you already have your trek dates locked […]. Western Mountaineering manufactures a broad range of down sleeping bags in different shapes, sizes and shell fabric options. In order for the best information, search at the Mountain Warehouse Everest Down Sleeping Bag -Mummy Shape Camping Bag price comparison before you buy. So just be mindful about having a carry bag that’s compact and reasonably easy to put back in once you take it out. 678063. Mummy bags are usually more compact and easier to carry. Aug 6, 2017 - Ensuring you stay warm in the most extreme temperatures, the Everest Down Extreme Sleeping bag is our most advanced sleeping bag. It's rated as a 3 season but I've used this in temperatures around -15 and it was perfect. In the winter months at base camp using an extreme cold weather sleeping bag that can withstand -4°F (-20°C) might be more suitable. All EverTrekkers get a discount from Nomad Travel on all items along with a free travel health consultation. Everest Mummy Sleeping Bag Stay cozy even on the coldest nights of your camping or hiking trips with the Everest Mummy Sleeping Bag,10 Degree. © Copyright 2019 - EverTrek - Bucket List Adventure Travel Limited UK no. All of these are mummy design sleeping bags as I have found that they tend to insulate the heat much better than the rectangle versions. I’ve been, and I know it can get cold at night, there’s nothing worse than trying to sleep when you’re freezing cold. After reviewing the 10 sleeping bags for Everest Base Camp, I have to say Military -30 Degree Rating Mummy Style Sleeping Bag is the best sleeping bag. This is an extreme sleeping bag for extreme conditions. 5 sleeping bag options for the Everest Base Camp trek. First thing I want to let you know about is my experience with my sleeping bag. Fairydown and New Zealand are intrinsically linked. Apr 13, 2016 - Ensuring you stay warm in the most extreme temperatures, the Everest Down Extreme Sleeping bag is our most advanced sleeping bag. The final weight of this bag is sitting at just 4.5 pounds, with the fill material being a Hollowblend MicroTekk Z1 (this weighs 3.5 pounds). vote up. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Mountain Warehouse Everest Down Extreme Sleeping Bag - Mummy Shape Camping Bag, Inner Pocket, Hood - For Winter Camping Red at Mummy bags are more practical for hiking and backpacking. The thing that I would look out for is the Zipper quality. Like other down mummy bags on this list, it should do fine with an overbag, such as the Nautilus overbag from Wiggys, whose 92-inch length and square shape should nicely envelop the mummy bag without unduly compressing the down. Whether you are car camping with the family, through hiking the PCT, or climbing Mount Everest, we make a sleeping bag that will keep you warm and comfortable on … You may want, for example, a heavy down jacket and down pants for crossing a … The comfort temperature is -3°C to - 9°C with a mummy shape to match your body shape, making it ideal for camping during chilly nights. It’s got plenty of great reviews but I don’t think any of the people had taken it on a high altitude trek on Everest. If you’re going to trek to Everest base camp then I’m sure you’ve got a lot of questions on your mind. I wouldn't use this on any 6000m expeditions like Island Peak or Mera Peak but it's ideal for the Everest Base Camp trek. What’s the difference between 1,2,3,4 and 5 season sleeping bags? I've listed my top 5 recommended sleeping bags for an Everest Base Camp trek and any of these would be ideal for your trek. Tip stuff when sleeping bag is inside out as air easier to get out. 5-star: 0 4-star: 1 3-star: 1 2-star: 0 1-star: 1 average rating Add your own review » or review a different product. Cost of the Radical 16H: $1,300. $40.00. The nights on your trek, especially in the high mountain regions, can get extremely cold! Typically for very high altitude mountain expeditions. And then it should be reasonably easy to pack away. $124.95. it has a ridge hood, hang straps and velcro flap closure. These sleeping bags come with a bigger price tag. This is an extreme sleeping bag for extreme conditions. You can also download the full equipment list HERE. This is an extreme sleeping bag for extreme conditions. These are two main kinds of sleeping bag you can choose for your trek. 1 vote down. Down: Premium goose down 700g . 10586281 -. These months have fairly stable conditions, good visibility, and temps at Base Camp at about -6°C. The first synthetic sleeping bag on this list and one of the heaviest but you won't go far wrong by taking this with you on the Everest Base Camp trek. Perfect for regular camping. What is the difference between a down and synthetic insulation sleeping bag? With that being said I think you can still get a warmer sleeping bag for only a little bit more. This is one of the warmest synthetic sleeping bags that you can buy and super versatile. Season two – This good for springtime and the cooler summer temps from around 0°C to 5°C, Season three – Good for a cold night but not so cold that there’s frost. Then obviously you want to make sure there are no other quality issues like the stitching coming apart easily that people are saying about in the reviews. Rectangular bags are better if you want some more space to move around in. So make sure you check the reviews (if buying on Amazon) to make sure there are not loads of people complaining about the zippers. Slumberjack . You can get away with a slightly warmer sleeping bag which is rated lower than a 3 season as there are duvets and blankets in each lodge but from my experience, having a warmer rated sleeping bag and having one that is a little overkill doesn’t do you any harm. Season five –This is best suited for extremely cold temps as low as -40°C. Original price. Ensuring you stay warm in the most extreme temperatures, the Everest Down Extreme Sleeping bag is our most advanced sleeping bag. When you are trekking above 4000m, the nights can get severely cold, especially towards the latter part of the autumn trekking season in November and in at the beginning of the spring season in March so I always recommend a 4 season down bag or a really good 3 season as it covers you for the entire trek. This is better for moist conditions where you don’t mind losing some of the warmth you’d get with a down sleeping bag. So just be mindful about having a carry bag that’s. What Is The Oxygen Level At Mount Everest... How Much Money Should You Take On Your... Do You Need Crampons For Everest Base Camp? The Quantum series means there is seasonal and temperature versatility in this mountaineering bag not found in its competitors. Nice and light and good for typically 5°C or above. It’s recommended if you rent a sleeping bag there then you should use an inner sleep sheet which will add some more warmth if needed. More compact and hold the warmth in better. 69% Off . Sleeping Bags - Down - Mountain Equipment Everest. Brand. You don’t want to have issues zipping up your sleeping bag at night. There are cheaper synthetic options out there which are very good and do the job but there's nothing that can really match up to the insulation qualities of duck and goose down. The comfort temperature is -3°C to - 9°C with a mummy shape to match your body shape, making it ideal for camping during chilly nights. EVEREST 450 SLEEPING BAG 3 seasons lightweight down sleeping bag and it takes up little space in a backpack or in a bike bag. If it was regular camping where it isn’t so cold then it wouldn’t matter as much but as your on the side of a mountain, you don’t want to have any problems. At the time it was only £24.99 ($31.75), when I think about it, it is still a cheap sleeping bag so I shouldn’t have expected too much. I’d rather be too hot and take off some layers to sleep than be too cold with all my clothes on. Our backpacking sleeping bags incorporate a proprietary G3 Fiber ® insulation that compacts down while offering superior warmth to weight. Suitable for temperatures as low as -10°C. In the colder months then you should really get a sleeping bag which can go as low as 0°F (-17.78°C). 4 4 out of 5 stars from 9 reviews 5 9. Mountain Equipment make some quality sleeping bags and this one's up there with the very best. Find out more here. Next time I would definitely get a higher quality sleeping bag to take to the Himalayas. A warm sleeping bag is critical to keeping warm and having a good nights sleep on an Everest Base Camp trek. To purchase your own item online. Sale price: $27.97. Looking for best sleeping bags for Everest base camp trek? In this video i take alook at the mountain warehouse Everest Extreme Down Sleeping bag. The extremely high downey loft might be even more comfortable than your bed! These sleeping bags are more affordable than down sleeping bags. I used this sleeping called the Viking Trek. Eyak Down Vest Black (Close Out) $175.00. 2020 - - All Rights Reserved - We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program (and other potential affiliate networks), an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. This site uses cookies and tracking data to improve your experience: Ultimate Island Peak and Everest Base Camp Expedition, Mt Toubkal – Roof of the North 8 Day Trek. This Everest sleeping bag is made with puffy double-layer construction with 3.5 pounds of Micro Tack Z1 fill that traps plenty of air for extra warmth. I would say a mummy style sleeping bag is better for this type of trip for a couple of reasons. I’ve put the temperatures in Celsius as sleeping bag season ratings are an EU classification. Especially the kind of equipment you need to take. As the name suggest it’s made of synthetic material. So it needs to be roomy, light, and warm, without costing a fortune. Arctic Goose WB 1100 – extreme, waterproof sleeping protection With a waterproof, welded shell (patented), Arctic Goose WB is the world‘s first, expedition grade, waterproof AND breathable goose down sleeping bag. BEST SLEEPING BAG FOR AN EVEREST BASE CAMP TREK #2 Vango Venom 600. Free shipping. Sleeping bags. A good money-saving option is the small warehouse shops in Kathmandu that rent real expedition equipment. Press enter for more information. This guide tells you which down sleeping bags are right for any expedition to the world's highest mountain. Sleeping Bags - Down - Mountain Equipment Everest. I'm now looking for a sleeping bag that will work for a trek up the Gokyo Valley to Everest Base Cp next fall. item 7 Suisse Sport Everest 5° F Mummy Sleeping Bag Blue Black 33" X 84" X 24" 6 - Suisse Sport Everest 5° F Mummy Sleeping Bag Blue Black 33" X 84" X 24" $37.99. One last thing worth mentioning is bag shape. That’s how cold it can still get inside your room at night. Mountain Hardwear’s Universe SL Sleeping Bag Review By the Everest GearGal. These establishments recycle genuine cold-weather gear and specialty items that are only needed for Nepal. The last thing to look for in a good sleeping bag is something that will pack away easily. It is a good quality sleeping bag but it just wasn’t warm enough, I slept with my clothes on in my sleeping bag and I still wasn’t warm enough. In short, the perfect sleeping bag for situations when severe cold meets wet. Used. $160. Ref: 022309.201024 ALPS Mountaineering Quest 20 Down Sleeping Bag: 20F Down. Type. There you have it. Comfort Temperature - The comfort temperature for this… Mummy Sleeping Bags vs. Rectangular Sleeping Bags. Mountain Equipment Everest Down Sleeping Bag cost £650. Any of these sleeping bags are sufficient for the trek and it really comes down to budget and personal choice. Yes, you can you rent or buy sleeping bags in Kathmandu before you head on your trek at very reasonable prices. If you need more information around what equipment you need for the Everest Base Camp trek then check out this article where I have put together a comprehensive list of everything you need for the trek. Season one – This is best for camping in the summer. The Venom is a great sleeping bag and super light which is ideal if you're trying to save some of those KG's when packing. sale from Current price: $136.46 Original price: $214.95 up to 35% off. #4 Mountain Equipment Mens Nova IV Sleeping Bag. If you decide that you don't want to purchase a sleeping bag or bring one along on your trek then no worries, EverTrek can organise one for free when you arrive in Kathmandu. Regular price: $740.00. Weight: 1290g. The "Everest" was the next one down, the version I have is good to -15 / -20 Celsius - good for New Zealand winters (the Polar was a wee bit warm for a NZ winter, even with snow and blizzards). Rab Sleeping Bag Liner Traveller Cotton (close out) Regular price: $39.95. Mountain Hardwear Mens Power Stretch Stimulus Gloves Black. Marmot Col -20F MemBrain Long Sleeping Bag Yellow Vapor/ Green Wheat. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Ensuring you stay warm in the most extreme temperatures, the Everest Down Extreme Sleeping bag is our most advanced sleeping bag. Is Everest Base Camp Trek Dangerous? 0°F (-15°C) Down Sleeping Bags The comfort temperature is -3°C to - 9°C with a mummy shape to match your body shape, making it ideal for camping during chilly nights. Simply put your details in the form below to get instant access. Designed for high altitude mountaineers and polar explorers, the ME Everest is THE bag to have for seriously cold conditions (-20 o C and below). This is a mummy sleeping bag and great for keeping your head warm during those chilly nights on the trek. Equiped with thermo-collar, wind baffle and a double way SBS half zipper with anti-snag tape. Item. In 1920, Fairydown made the Southern Hemispheres first down sleeping bag. What Weather Rating Do You Need For Base Camp? My one was a little difficult to get back in the carry bag once I took it out, but with a bit of elbow grease, I managed to put it back in each morning before we set off to the next stop on the trek. I would suggest asking your tour guide to help you choose a good sleeping bag to rent or buy if you are getting yours in Kathmandu. Download our FREE comprehensive Everest Base Camp guide. All it takes is a poor zipper that gets jammed and won’t go up and then you won’t be able to keep the warmth in your sleeping bag at night when you’re trying to sleep. The Suisse Sport Everest Sleeping Bag has a double layered insulation, allowing you to stay warm at higher altitudes. Down: Premium goose down 700g. 3 reviews. Nov-Feb is extremely cold, at around 5°F (-15°C) by day and much colder at night. Designed for high altitude mountaineers and polar explorers, the ME Everest is THE bag to have for seriously cold conditions (-20oC and below). Checking the reviews is the best way to see if there are issues in regards to the carry case and being able to get it back in once it’s out. Flat Rate $25. Can sometimes also be used in the winter months on the base camp trek. EVEREST ELITE. The benefits of these types of sleeping bags are they’re hypoallergenic and better in moist conditions and they dry more quickly than down insulation. It’ll be overkill to buy an extreme-rated bag if you are only using it in shoulder-seasons and at low elevations. Getting a cold weather sleeping bag which will keep you warm in temperatures as low as 14°F (-10°C) is recommended for the Everest base camp trek. So if I’m straight up honest my sleeping bag wasn’t good enough because I never really had a nice warm sleep. Personally, I felt it was better to buy mine before I went so I didn’t need to worry about it when I got to Nepal. I went in October which is one of the best times to go and like I said it can still get quite cold at night. So which ones better for Everest base camp trek? I remember when we stayed in Lobuche which is the final stop before you head to base camp and my water which was next to me on the table had iced formed in it overnight. The Venom is a great sleeping bag and super light which is ideal if you're trying to save some of those KG's when packing. Built for winter backpacking, the Everest Down 0 sleeping bag is filled with 650-fill DriDown™ that resists moisture, dries fast, maintains loft and compresses small. Mountain Warehouse Everest Down Sleeping Bag Top 50 in unisex Cold Weather Down Sleeping Bags Reviews. This is a sleeping bag I’ve used on multiple treks to Everest base camp and my ‘Go To’ sleeping bag in this list. So what is the best type of sleeping bag to get for the Everest base camp trek? So the last thing you might want to know is about getting sleeping bags in Nepal. Mountain Hardwear Hotbed Ember 45F/ 7C Sleeping Bag Long Underbrush (Close Out) $129.00. Down is made of feathers from duck or goose. Down Sleeping Bags; Kids' Sleeping Bags; Sleeping Bag Liners; Stuff and Compression Sacks; Synthetic Sleeping Bags; Sleeping Pads Shop All; ... Slumberjack Everest Elite Sleeping BAG Fits 72 "$50. Ref: 022309.200714 So obviously you know you want something that’s good quality. I feel that second-to-top of the range eg Mountain Hardwear Wraith, around -29C/-20F, is enough but this is debatable; the top of the range bags with 1.3kgs of down are heavy, although are very comfy. The extreme test for any polar bag is how it fares in the Arctic or subarctic from January to March. Our down filled equipment is of highest quality - expedition down filled sleeping bag Everest or (polar and Himalayan) down filled overalls Yeti are the best example of it.