Steel City Vault, which uses "Draw 7" spells such as Timetwister to rapidly assemble the Time Vault-Voltaic Key combo for infinite turns. After this tournanent, and in fact, doing preparation for this article, I encountered what the Swedish group calls “MirrorBall” strategy. Eventually, you can generate enough mana for a lethal Fireball (or eventually find Channel). Sphinx Summoner jumps out as a good add, but I don't know what should eb taken out, up to you I guess.. Contact | The way it works is fairly simple: Power Artifact decreases the cost to untap Basalt Monolith such that each use of Basalt Monolith generates more mana than is required to untap it. These strategic objectives form the basis on which combo decks are made possible in Old School formats. His first published version of a “Recursion” deck was built around the then-unrestricted Fork: The goal of the deck was to set up Recurring Time Walks by Forking Time Walk to take enough turns to win the game. Very much enjoy this series, thanks as always Stephen. DMCA requests | That said, there are a few rough edges that need to be tweaked. I’m not sure we really need that many Sylvans, but I probably should have run more than 1! And, there is Lich, which, when paired with Dark Heart of the Wood, becomes a tremendous card draw engine as well. But I’d also probably add a Drop of Honey or two somewhere between the maindeck and sideboard, and probably over The Abyss. And, despite their appellation, Control decks usually win with creatures as well (as we saw in Chapter 2), although sometimes they win through sheer attrition or dedicated milling strategies, like Millstone. Perhaps the most prominent example of that was Power Artifact combo decks (for reasons I just explained). There's a reason why Time Vault is banned in every format except Vintage, where it falls onto the Restricted list alongside the Power 9. I could probably improve the mana style from this deck and add some search cards and it could possibly work. The basis for this restriction and banning was a three card combo pictured in the introduction of this article: Time Vault enchanted with Animate Artifact and Instill Energy to take infinite turns. Suffice to say, this combo is powerful, fun and exciting. Probably the list and player that has received the most acclaim abusing Time Vault is the very innovative Felipe Garcia and his “TwiddleVault” combo deck: Here is what he played in a 2015 tournament (along with a tournament report here): And here is his list from the “Ivory Cup” European event in 2016: This deck is not built around an infinite turn engine like the old Time Vault combo, but rather uses Transmute to find Time Vault and Twiddles to take a few additional Time Walks, and then recur them as necessary with Regrowth, Recall and Timetwister. In the same article, Zak presented a faster and more aggressive looping and recursion deck, and one that is perhaps more revealing for our needs, “The Churning Deck.”. (60 cards, 35 distinct) - Black Lotus, Timetwister, Mox Pearl, Time Walk, Mox Sapphire, Ancestral Recall, Mox Ruby Buying and selling genuine authentic Rolex, cartier, panerai, bregeut for affordable discounted prices. Although there are exceptions, that is perhaps their most distinguishing feature. In all of the major groups, Twiddle is unrestricted. Pros-Bloom, not only one of the most infamous combo decks of all time, but perhaps the first to truly elevate that appellation, was a complicated combo deck that used multiple cards to generate large amounts of mana to generate a large Prosperity, which, in turn, would fuel a lethal Drain Life. Sylvan Library and Land Tax also synergize together, creating a shuffle effect. All you really need is Time Vault The New Reality Thanks to Science and Technology we now have a path to the Stars. Once you hit that critical point, which occurs sooner rather than later, you can essentially go infinite loops of either Twister or Time Walk. The Furnace Room - On the first floor of Stilton's Manor, to the left of the Great Hall and on the other side of the Dining Room vault hides a locked safe. We allowed it (as described in Chapter 10), and I would encourage others to do so, until it’s proven that there is a dominant deck as a result. Close enough that once you are looping, you have almost no chance of losing control over the game. Because of this, a Time Vault with Titania's in play untaps as normal. I believe so. This deck can win often on turn 1 and win consistently on turn 2. An alternative  win condition is a pseudo-Fireball; It’s a Forked Storm Seeker to win the game after a Timetwister. TIME. Since recursion is the primary plan, I also ran a single Tormod’s Crypt maindeck to remove cards from my opponent’s deck before every Twister, while also doubling against what I think is the best deck in our ’95 environment, Reanimator (see Chapter 9). This site is unaffiliated. But is there a way to build a Time Vault combo deck that uses the original combo? Land (35) Enchantment (2) Artifact (13) Sorcery (18) Instant (15) Creature (16) View Combos. Alpha Basalt Monolith + Antiquities Power Artifact = Infinite Mana. Contemporary Storm decks in Vintage and Legacy follow this essential formula, but with many more deck building constraints. Discord Server | The key difference is that you need upkeeps, not combat phases. . 4 Copy Artifact. When I embarked upon this series, I imagined a much larger task for myself than I have ultimately been required to perform. In almost all of my actual matches with it (tournament or testing), I won on either Turn 2 or 3 (not counting Time Walk turns), and have been exceptionally close to multiple Turn 1 kills. When it was originally printed, you could tap Time Vault to gain an extra turn, but had to skip a turn to untap it. 10/1/2008: The only win conditions in Magic that are equal to Time Vault are: Oath of Druids, Tinker, and Flash. Although restricted, this combo was first popularized by the great Mark Justice during the heyday of Type 1 with a deck he called “Winds of Chains”: Mark Justice’s deck has to compensate for the sad fact that Underworld Dreams was restricted almost immediately after it’s initial printing, but Mark nonetheless built in another fantastic synergy: Chains of Mephistopheles and Winds of Change, a combo that was almost as devastating. Time Vault. I know I have rambled on a lot, but I have tested this deck a fair bit on X-Mage with decent results. It’s not entirely deterministic, but it’s darn close. For one thing, you can pair Bazaar of Baghdad with Sylvan Library for filtering and card selection (and adding Library of Leng, as is sometimes done in Tax-Edge combo, below, allows it to function more like a Sensei’s Divning Top). Aside from tweaking the mana a bit and cutting out some chaff, one of the main innovations of my list is the full implementation of Fork. The longer plans take to carry out, the more time enemies have to ruin your combo. The choice of whether or not to skip a turn is made as that turn would begin, and only if Time Vault is tapped at that time. More of a dedicated discard deck (hand destruction strategy) than combo deck, this deck at least illustrates using a real-world historical example how Underworld Dreams combo was used in Old School Type I. In the process, I will share with you decklists that have not been published in more than twenty years, and never before on the internet, and others of my own diabolical invention. Cheers! Time Vault card info, combos, and decks involving the Time Vault magic the gathering card. The HD-200 Quick Vault provides secure access with the ease of a simple electronic combo. I really believe that you should devote the least amount of slots to your win condition. George Baxter offers a pretty interesting and comprehensive explanation of his deck in Deep Magic, where he explains that the Lich is here mostly as a combo finisher. Most often these AWCs are a … I designed one which I worked on during the Winter of 2015-16, which I am now sharing. I'm thinking of organizing a tournament in this format, actually. Use Twiddle to untap it. In conceiving this series, decks such as this were areas that I could contribute, by testing and tuning archetypes and refining them for an interested audience. Compounding matters is that the Swedish 93/94 group restricted Power Artifact until May, 2015. This is because it is often the finisher that actually matters above all. This shifts attention in the appropriate direction, however, and forms the basis for uncovering engines that can do so. Another fantastic Old School Magic article by Steve. Transmute can not only find Basalt Monolith, but also a finisher with Rocket Launcher. Each of these win conditions is supported, in most cases, by a specific set of engines that generates a particular synergy (such as the interactions between Lich and Mirror Universe, Land Tax and Land’s Edge, or Basalt Monolith and Power Artifact, all discussed herein). When the very first players in Alpha cast Channel into Fireball, it sparked a passion for the thrill and excitement of combining two cards that work so well together that they can win the game on the spot. – Vintage Magic says: Chapter 3 | Old School Magic – A Visit to the Zoo – Vintage Magic says: Ive enjoyed these articles immensely. If you’ve read previous articles in this series, you know that I regard Transmute Artifact as one of the best unrestricted cards in the format. The origins of the term “combo” as applied to Magic decks is lost to the sands of time (and I have searched! After all, a single Disenchant or Shatter can devastate the combo by destroying both the Monolith and fizzling the Power Artifact at the same time. All it cared about was that little oddity in the errata I pointed out earlier. Although it does not provide a comprehensive look, I think it is probably easiest to begin appreciating the true scope of possibilities by focusing first on the finishers, or ultimate strategic objectives. We provide comprehensive security solutions including high-security locks as well as doors and hardware from our growing family of brands. Old School Magic: Chapter 8 — 2nd Place at Eternal Weekend, 2016 with Blue-Red Aggro-Control – Vintage Magic says: Old School Magic: Chapter 10 — Rules of the Road – Vintage Magic says: […] Chapter 11: The Untold History of Combo in Old School […]. By Lily Rothman November 12, 2014 3:30 PM EST See the TIME Vault. In the Duelist # 10 (May, 1996), for example, Zak Dolan, who earned a regular column after his inaugural World Championship victory, shared the Recursion deck with the world — one of the first Type I decks ever published in an issue of the Duelist. Enter your email address and we’ll email you instructions to reset your password, Tags: gp vegas, old school, old school magic, old school mtg, side events, Chapter 1: Back to the Future – An Introduction to Old School Magic, Chapter 2: Old School Magic – The History of “The Deck”, Chapter 3: Old School Magic – A Visit to the Zoo, Chapter 4: Build Your Own Old School Format, Chapter 5: New Strategies for the Old School: The Transmute Control Deck, Chapter 6: Banning and Restriction in Old School, Chapter 7: New Strategies for the Old School: Blue-Red Aggro Control, Chapter 8: 2nd Place at Eternal Weekend, 2016 with Blue-Red Aggro-Control. Nice changes! However, there are a few broad cases of cards that tend to appear across multiple archetypes because they serve as general engines. $949.99. Moving away from Black Vise, The Rack, and Millstone, we discover that there are, in fact, many other win conditions spread across Old School formats, including 93/94. by jonny909090, The One Who Mentored Them All And, what’s more, they are positively inspiring. In 1 decks 0% of 419297 decks. Time Vault card info, combos, and decks involving the Time Vault magic the gathering card. Otherwise, it’s fairly similar to my independently developed approach, which included a pair of Transmutes, Rocket Launcher as a Transmute target and infinite mana sink, and a full complement of Power Sink. I started my testing with Enchantress, following Mark’s lead, but quickly realized I didn’t need it. Combo is not simply an overlooked area of interest, it is also perhaps the least developed and most rough-hewn of all of the major strategic approaches in Old School. At the same time, Mana Flare and Candleabra are another way, aside from simple recursion, to fuel a lethal Fireball (note the lone Fireball as the main win condition – yet another deck built around Fireball as a “Tendrils of Agony” finisher). This shop got multiple 5-star reviews in the past 7 days. Without knowing this time window, you won't be able to enter the vault even if you know the combination, so make sure you know the time for when opening can be performed. One of the best series, and a great source of information for those who are getting into Old School (myself included). Thanks for the idea. But there is still a way, even under the current rules, to make Mirror Universe instantly lethal. With the restriction of Fork, Mark found another engine, and rebranded the deck “Vercursion.”. It was the “go to” finisher for combo decks, at least until Kaervek’s Torch was printed, which, in turn, was replaced by Tendrils of Agony. Fork is particularly useful in this strategy because it allows you to double the damage of Winds of Change while also serving as a situational counterspell (Forking an opponent’s counterspell) or duplicating removal or burn. Second, this deck has another use for Instill Energy than simply putting it on your Time Vault. There is, however, a similar effect that can inflict nearly as much damage: Winds of Change. Time Vault begins tapped. There are probably more articles currently available on prison strategies than combo. As you can see, the deck has 3 Fastbonds, which allows it to accelerate quickly. 6 months ago. Type 1 is a mess with that combo available. Verduran Enchantress can build up a tremendous amount of card draw within a few turns, with Dance of Many triggering and duplicating the Enchantress in the process. Zomgasa on Treasure!! Greed and Book of Rass are two similar effects that allow you to exchange life for cards, and are especially useful with Mirror Universe or other life-gain. Old School Magic: Chapter 6 – Banning and Restricting in Old School – Vintage Magic says: Old School Magic: Chapter 12 – Building a Stronger Prison – Vintage Magic says: Hi Steve, as a newbie to the game (started playing in Journey to Nyx) I'm loving this articles and I'm learning a ton about the game. that you don’t need to win immediately to eventually win the game. Both cards exemplify win conditions that do not involve the attack step. Underworld Dreams is one of the most interesting win conditions in Old School Magic. But, to name a few, they include Underworld Dreams, Land’s Edge, Mirror Universe, and the aforementioned Fireball. Once you do that, it’s not long until you can build enough mana for a lethal Fireball or switch life totals with Mirror Universe and fire off a small, but lethal, Fireball. Getting there – End of turn, draw a card says: […] attracting the deck tuner in me. These decks reflect the draw engines, mana resources, tutors and, most importantly, the win conditions that structure the possibilities for combo decks in Old School formats. You can untap Time Vault at the beginning of your turn to ship the turn back to your opponent, even with Stasis in play. Jump to. Legends Underworld Dreams and Winds of Change. I decided that refining this idea would be my next big project for Old School Magic, especially since our local events allowed Ice Age for another tournament. But there are more! Interesting concept, but I'm not seeing how you're supposed to win. Even this rudimentary concept reveals something fundamental about these strategies. The other key, the mana engine, is the role of Fastbond in the deck. by j o n n y 9 0 9 0 9 0. It therefore generates as much colorless mana as you want. By focusing on Time Walk, it tries to make Howling Mine less symmetrical. , and they just make the deck more clunky. Alpha Black Vise and Antiquities The Rack | That poor stuffy doll! Old School Magic: Chapter 7 – New Strategies for the Old School: Blue-Red Aggro Control – Vintage Magic says: […] Chapter 11: The Untold History of Combo in Old School […].