Furstenfeld detailed how he is staying proactive and getting creative … [6], On June 1, 2010 the band announced they were beginning pre-production on their next studio album to be produced by Tim Palmer. The lyrics on the album touch on various subjects, but the sole purpose is to trigger various emotions in its listeners. Check your score in the Ramones version of Fact or Fiction. The band finished recording the new album on March 27, 2013. The song, "Sorry Hearts" was released on an accompanying EP, Debris. As a result of reaching a new audience that Blue October has found with its Foiled album, Blue October has recently[when?] Hudson (guitar/vocals) had been added to the lineup. Blue October is an alternative rock band headquartered in San Marcos, Texas, but is originally from Houston, Texas. He was paid a flat fee of $20,000, turning down a percentage of the royalties that would have paid him far more. The band is currently touring the United States in support of this album. "Into the Ocean" hit No. [9][10] The band released the first single from the album in February 2013. Recorded in the winter of 2019–2020, the new album has an anticipated release date of October 23, 2020.[16]. In May 2009, Blue October's show in Pittsburgh was cancelled by the Fire Marshal and the Pittsburgh Police Department due to overcrowding and unsafe conditions. The album debuted at No. The venue was packed, but we found our spot and had another life changing moment, that is Blue October; the energy; the connection to their fans; the stories that are a chronicle of the struggles and triumphs we all face each day. Blue October’s tenth album is their best album yet. Other unreleased songs from this period, such as "Rust", "Colorado 5591", "His Name Is Crazy", "Gun Metal Blue", "Dollar 30 Gravy", and "5 Day Walk" can be found on YouTube. Blue October was then offered records deals by each company. In late 2010 and early 2011, they headed back to the studio to finish recording the album and debuted it August 16, 2011. C.B. Justin performed a duet with Patricia from the band "The Soldier Thread" for the song. Justin previewed four new tracks on the air, presumably on the new album, titled "The Chills", "The Waiting, "The Getting Over It Part" and "The Flight (Lincoln to Minneapolis)". This lineup recorded and toured the next two Blue October albums. The next single from the band was "She's My Ride Home", which they performed on Late Night with Conan O'Brien on April 25, 2007. After a steady build outside Texas, the 2006 single “Hate Me” exploded at rock radio, ushering in a wave of talk-show appearances … Hudson announced he was leaving the band to focus on raising a family and pursuing his dream of owning a recording studio. A monthly update on our latest interviews, stories and added songs, Blue October is an alternative rock band that came from Houston, Texas. When he came up with one of his gnarliest songs, there was a riot going on. The day after `Any Man in America' was released I had the privilege of seeing Blue October kick off their `Any Man in America' tour, where they played this album in its entirety (as well as a slew of other songs from their impressive discography) and it was in that setting, watching Justin bleed emotionally on stage (honestly, best live … We did the meet and greet and then experienced the always amazing performance by Blue October. In November 2002 the band signed with Texas-based management company Rainmaker Artists. On May 6, 2011 Blue October played a second song in Saint Louis, Missouri from their upcoming album titled "The Follow Through". At the end of the Approaching Normal tour, C.B. The album, also titled Home, was released April 22, 2016. This book is a definite necessity for any Blue October fan! Blue are an English boy band consisting of members Antony Costa, Duncan James, Lee Ryan and Simon Webbe.The group originally formed in 2000 and has released three studio albums, All Rise (2001), One Love (2002) and Guilty (2003) that all peaked at number one in the United Kingdom alongside releasing 16 singles, over … On March 20, 2003 radio station "102.1 the EDGE" in Dallas added "Calling You" to regular rotation, and it began to spread to radio stations across the country receiving over 56,585 spins on the US airwaves. Hudson joined on lead guitar in late 2000 after a chance meeting with Justin at a restaurant in San Marcos. Superb band! Hudson was asked to come back and play on the album and to play shows over mid-2013, once again returning Blue October to their previous lineup. Blue October, Soundtrack: Step Up 3D. The band has had eleven Top 40 singles over their past sev… The video for "Hate Me" is fictional in that regard. Blue October's continual diversity also propels this album, for six albums in they have yet to `repeat' their sound, unlike other popular bands who regurgitate the same songs over and over. It eventually peaked at No. And now crawling I position myself Below your broken wing I lift your feathered left arm Where you hide your heart from me I never noticed it was swollen Get Blue October setlists - view them, share them, discuss them with other Blue October fans for free on setlist.fm! On August 16, 2011 "Any Man in America" was released in the US. On April 13, 2016 it was confirmed that C.B. The Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)" came top of a 2013 Spotify poll to find out which songs music fans most commonly hear people singing incorrectly. 0. The Blue October documentary Get Back Up was released worldwide on May 21, 2020. Janet Jackson wrote the lyric to "Nasty" in response to random guys calling her "baby.". "Say It" was Blue October's fifth Top 40 Modern Rock hit peaking at number 29 on July 24, 2009. On May 4, 2011 Blue October played the first full song of the new album live, called "The Feel Again". blue october live produced by Thomas Kurzy http://www.youtube.com/user/xeghys If you can. [4] During this tour, Justin premiered two new songs, "Blue Skies" and "My Never", which would be included on the band's fifth studio album. He recalled to American Songwriter his teacher at his Houston school gave the pupils homework of writing a poem about something that they love to do for reading aloud to class the next day. So, how did October become the 10th month? In February 2011, the band announced on their website that they will embark on an acoustic tour between March and May 2011. The band was dropped by Universal Records in 2000. The band had planned to tour starting in March 2020 but so far their tour has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Rainmaker immediately signed to their record label. This was heralded as a special moment for the band, Rainmaker, Brando, and key executives at Universal Republic who had signed, dropped and then resigned the band. Their first album, “The Answers,” was recorded at Sound Arts Studio and released in 1998. He recalled to, Shannon Riley from Vancouver, British Columbia. In October 2012 Justin Furstenfeld had nearly completed writing the songs for Blue October's seventh album. On August 25, 2011 "Any Man in America" debuted at number 8 on the Billboard Album Sales Chart giving Blue October their first top 10 album sales chart debut. On September 24, 2011 "The Chills" the first single from "Any Man in America" peaked at number 26 on the Billboard Modern Rock Chart giving Blue October their 6th Top 40 Modern Rock radio hit. "Calling You" remained the group's largest mainstream success until their 2006 single, "Hate Me". was replaced by former Canvas guitarist Julian Mandrake who had previously been a touring guitarist for Blue October in 2006, covering Justin's guitar parts while Justin was recovering from a knee injury. "Hate Me" would never reach number one. [14] Tim Palmer, who worked on the albums Any Man in America and Sway co-produced and mixed the album. Blue October (USA pop rock band) Blue October (UK synth-pop band) Sep 26 2020. Please helpppp! January and February hadn’t been added to the calendar yet! [5] The tour was rescheduled in 2010. The band started its own streaming platform, Get Back Up TV, where it premiered the documentary of the same name and offers virtual concerts and weekly performances. An acoustic version of one of the songs, entitled "Home", was played live in Las Vegas on September 19. Directed by Norry Niven. Dwayne and Matt both played on the band's next album, History for Sale, and Dwayne toured with the band in 2003. Blue October was formed by lead singer/ songwriter/guitarist Justin Furstenfeld, his brother Jeremy and multi-instrumentalist Ryan Delahoussaye. Brothers Justin and Jeremy Furstenfeld formed Blue October in Houston in the mid-’90s. [3] This is evident in songs such as "Somebody" and "Inner Glow". They ended rehearsals on January 30 and were prepared to enter the studio to start recording the album. Thanks guys xoxo His first musical memory was Roy Orbison's song ", Furstenfeld is not only a musician, but also an artist. The band was formed in 1995 and currently consists of Justin Furstenfeld (lead vocals, guitar), Jeremy Furstenfeld (drums, percussion), Ryan Delahoussaye (violin/viola, mandolin, piano, backing vocals), Matt Noveskey (bass guitar, backing vocals), and Will Knaak (lead guitar). While he was attending Houston's High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, Justin Furstenfeld played in the band My Last Wish from the time he was 13 years old until 1995. recorded with Blue October for their 2016 album Home and appeared in publicity photos with the band, however he had to take a leave from the band due to a collarbone injury sustained during a dirt bike accident and Matthew Ostrander filled in on lead guitar in 2016 for the Home tour. I don't remember anything really except the band was calling something with October in it. The band's name was inspired by a stay in a hospital that lead vocalist Justin Furstenfeld had to make. The album's first single, "Calling You," became a Top 40 hit thanks to its inclusion on the American Wedding soundtrack. He entered the studio with the band and producer David Castell (who also co-produced Foiled and produced History For Sale) at the beginning of 2013.