Case Study

Malaysian truck distributor Hap Seng was a completely greenfield startup, and they had only six months from day one to be fully operational. They know that growth in business is not just about increasing market share, but providing a great experience for the dealers they provide trucks to as well - and they were looking for some support to make that happen. 

Key to providing this great experience is creating value for those dealers, and supporting them along their own journey of growth. In order to do this, Hap Seng needed a software solution that would help them find the important insights and takeaways they could use to help their dealers. Hap Seng opted for SAP Business One in this regard, but, faced with a tight deadline to meet they also knew that finding the right implementation partner was key to delivering on time, and chose be one solutions to be that partner.

We’re past the six-month deadline now and Hap Seng are fully up and running, with only good things to say about their SAP Business one system and the implementation process. In particular they note how SAP Business One helps them simplify processes and analyse and understand their data, so Hap Seng’s team can focus their efforts in places that will yield the most support and benefit to their clients. They have some high praise for their be one solutions implementation team too, but you’ll have to watch the video below to find out just what they said about us…