Mission completed in the Americas: We are fully updated and briefed about SAP Business One®!

It’s a wrap, the 2019 SMB Innovation Summits are officially over with. Three stops later, after Bangkok, Nice & Orlando, we are truly up-to-speed in regards to SAP Business One® across the globe.  Indeed, the action last week topped it all off in the beautiful Sunshine State. As a matter of fact, Mario Rui Candido (Regional Manager Americas) joined by Raúl Hernández (Country Manager Mexico) and Carlos Hernandez (Country Manager Brazil) had an amazing 3 days of vital engagement with SAP, fellow partners and the greater network in our industry. Of course, these type of SAP events are targeted first and foremost to the partner community, so this really is about updates, networking & chemistry building. We are there and square, digest and apply the takeaways in our daily routines. The aim is to be able to provide the maximum benefit for our clients – not only in the US but beyond.

Here are some shots from Caribe Royale, which provided the impressive setting for the event in Orlando. CLICK HERE and take a look!

One great thing about the SMB Innovation Summits is that SAP hosts the event in a perfect environment to exchange ideas and look into possibilities along with various Solution Service Providers (SSP) – we certainly used this opportunity to recap successful relationships in that respect and discussed further expanding activities. It’s a fact, taking the best possible input and polishing it all up with our very own Industry Solutions, we are stronger than ever, ready & prepared in order to serve any request you might have regarding rolling out SAP Business One®, whether you are based in Utah, Mexico City or São Paulo with the intention to align your subsidiaries in just about any country around the world.

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While the 2019 SMB Innovation Summit is all about SAP Business One® - did you know that we are also doing SAP S/4HANA?  There might even be some other things you didn't know about us yet. So, why don’t you get in touch with our guys in the US, Mexico & Brazil. Click on the names to connect with Mario, Raúl & Carlos on LinkedIn or simply drop them a line RIGHT HERE.

Thanks again SAP for those three superb summits this year. A special "Thank you!" to all we met in Florida last week. We’ll be back in 2020 – meanwhile stay on top of all of our other activities around the globe: Bookmark be one solutions, follow and share - LinkedInFacebook & Twitter & YouTube


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