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Any SAP Business One user in the manufacturing industry will tell you: the software is great, but has limitations when it comes to peculiar needs. This lack of functionalities impacts greatly day-to-day activities and overall efficacy by disrupting the existing wobbly flow. What be one solutions offers is simple: a system with the capacity of completing the missing features in SAP B1.

Be one solutions LEAN

Manufacturing for SAP Business One

Our lean, yet powerful manufacturing add-on takes away the complexity of things. It provides easy access to one of the most vital parts of your business: Manufacturing. We let our experience from many years in the industry influence this development. be one Manufacturing is a tool that integrates seamlessly with SAP Business One and expand in a full suite which contains the following add-ons: Lean Manufacturing Core, Lean Manufacturing Terminal, Plant Maintenance & Warehouse Management (WMS).

Our Manufacturing solution, easy for the user and profitable for your operations, gets the job done.


  • Maintain (spare parts, equipment, tools and machines)
  • Support spare part structure for machines (BOM structure in SAP Business One)
  • Preemptive maintenance / calibration for machines, equipment and tools (time based, counter based, task list definition, or multiple cycle definition with alert options, e.g. VDE cycle, testing cycle, own cycle, etc.)
  • Generate maintenance orders in SAP Business One (report time and material consumption, maintain test specifications, e.g. for calibration, label printing after maintenance / calibration, maintenance  reports/queries, e.g.detailed history / records, certification report, orders based on location and / or on assets)
  • Exceptional maintenance (including notification reception directly from a shop floor terminal or handheld)Integration into ELO ECM (Enterprise Content Management solution) to maintain documents (Excel test templates linked to equipment & orders)
  • Maintain your quality control test templates and inspection plans
  • Maintain default batch status per item code
  • Calculate shelf life
  • Control of unreleased batches
  • Start quality control orders to test new or expired batches
  • Full or partial release of batches
  • Traceability reports
  • In-process quality control
  • Skip lot function
  • Interface to ELO ECM document management system
  • Triggers scheduled
  • Check list
  • Storage group (managing containers) extension specific for inventory, ability to print labels (point to be one Warehouse Management System)
  • Transactions using containers
  • Search groups
  • Shop floor
  • Archive all printouts from SAP Business One in ELO Enterprise Content Management Suite
  • Attach files to SAP Business One documents using drag and drop, and archive them in ELO ECM
  • Context menu in all SAP Business One AR and AP documents to search, find and display archived documents
  • Using terminals or handheld devices on the shop floor and warehouse
  • Post material consumption
  • Post production receipts
  • Time consumption for resources and operators
  • Down time recording and analysis
  • Maintenance alerts
  • Paperless handling
  • Routing info, data capture and quality control
  • Support outsourced operations process
  • Choose your alternative material and resources in work order
  • Control variances when closing a work order
  • Run variance analysis reports
  • In-process quality control

Cost calculation

  • Product calculation using standard or moving average price
  • Consideration of production lot size
  • Run calculation in a batch run to calculate new cost prices
  • Reevaluate all your items with just a few clicks from the batch calculation
  • Simulate cost price changes

BOM & Routing

Define alternative material and resources

In-process quality control

Engineering change control

  • Keep multiple versions of item master, BOM and routing
  • Choose active revision in SAP Business One
  • Engineering change order workflow
    • Build a new or customize and existing item structure outside the SAP Business One master data objects.
    • Use item / BOM / routing / resources from SBO master data or use data that is not existing yet in SAP Business One to design and calculate new products
    • Real time cost and price calculation
    • Powerful spread sheet functions
    • Attach new structure to quotations and sales orders in SAP Business One
  • Define catalog for an Item with additional properties, Information, technical Specification, etc. which describes an item
  • Provide different type of printouts for customers, for Production and for Web Publishing
  • Each Item, including Raw Materials, can have a Data Sheet
  • Assign resources to cost centers
  • Split between fixed and variable cost
  • Define your planned and actual hours
  • Run cost center analysis reports
  • Reporting
  • Shop floor
  • be one Warehouse Management System
  • Covers all needed applications


Be one solutions

be one solutions is one of the biggest global SAP partners, specializing in successful worldwide blueprints, implementation and support. Our wide experience comes with a wide experience implementing our very own solutions as well as a great variety of other ones which are available on the market.


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