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Has your data space run out of storage? Wasting more funds every month on adapting your hosting to your needs?

To combat the increasing disruptions within internally maintained IT data centers, more and more of our clients are moving on to Cloud Hosting to ensure the availability, scalability and security of their IT environment with minimal costs.

Your hosting should accelerate integration across your value chain, simplify the development of your application extensions, and expand business value with an open ecosystem instead of constantly running out of space leading you down to cost-inefficiency paying for additional unutilized data space.

be one solutions as your Cloud Hosting provider

With the fast-changing IT landscape, your current server might become old fashioned within a year or two - whereas a Cloud environment will transform with current technologies, adapt and evolve based on your exact needs.

At be one solutions, working with the cloud is our day to day - we are remote implementation experts. We will lead you through moving onto the cloud with one of the following solutions.


    • Lower cost of deployment - monthly payment based on exact requirements
    • Monthly subscription cost covers the support of entire SAP B1 environment - no additional 3rd party IT cost
    • No hidden costs
    • Simple pricing - per user & per month 
    • Seamless, hassle free transformation from internal hardware to Cloud 
    • Optimized best practice security included and applied to the entire environment
    • Disaster Recovery System - a "clone" of your productive environment 
    • Easy, straight forward method to upgrade or downgrade the Cloud environment and its related costs
    • No need to use physical office space to store your hardware
    • Guaranteed 99.50% IT availability 
    • 24/7 Multi-lingual environment and SAP B1 support
    • Single point of contact for any support needs: be one solutions 


    • MiCloud - Build & Operate PaaS
    • Lemongrass PaaS support
    • SQL/HANA Backend Server
    • RDP Server + AD Server
    • Suse Linux and or MS Windows Operating Systems licences
    • Sophos Anti-virus licences
    • Disaster Recovery Environment
    • 24/7 Environment support 



    • Improve efficiency and productivity
    • Save costs and increase your organization\'s ability to deal with change
    • Connect and customize experiences
    • Accelerate innovation by starting with integration
    • Empower practitioners beyond IT 


    • Automate, enhance and adapt business processes in SAP solutions with flexibility
    • Enterprise-grade tools and services, security features, ready-to-use business content  
    • Deliver engaging digital experiences across all applications and channels 
    • Develop and manage extensions across any landscape 


    • Reduce development investments
    • Leveraging SAP open partner ecosystems
    • Deliver prebuilt solutions to solve line-of-business and industry-specific needs 
    • Leverage a multi-cloud foundation for your intelligent enterprise
    • Benefit from a flexible platform
    • Combine SAP\'s business know-how with the latest investments in open source and open standard technology
    • Co-locate your development projects with existing data assets and SAP workloads 



be one solutions is one of the biggest global SAP partners, specializing in successful worldwide blueprints, implementation and support. We are not only cloud hosting provider but we are also actual end-users - we know the hosting challenges encountered by our customers first hand and know the solutions no matter which cloud hosting option they take.

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