From Japan to Brazil, Idemitsu pushes its boundaries through the complete digitalization

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Producers of high quality lubricating oils for manufacturers of automotive vehicles and industrial equipment

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São Paulo, Brazil

SAP Business One implementation project is connected with Idemitsu growth, expansion and professionalization. In two words, Idemitsu globalization

Fabio Ishibashi, Administrative & Finance Manager at Idemitsu

Challenges and opportunities

New software to go hand in hand with globalisation of business

  • Idemitsu’s previous software did not grant their Japanese colleagues access.
  • Production processes were cumbersome.
  • New software was necessary to enable easy billing across multiple countries.

WHY SAP AND be one solutions

Establishment of two country support groups

  • SAP Business One was a leading software provider with a global ERP solution.
  • be one solutions Brazil and be one solutions Japan both played an important role in implementation, and were able to deliver a quick turnaround.


Transparency, simplification, efficiency

  • Idemitsu’s productivity has increased and added a competitive edge, which has improved chances of closing new deals.
  • The team now has better control, agility and trust in the subsidiary.
  • Billing can be handled seamlessly across multiple countries.
  • Visibility of products and delivery has improved.
  • All costs, product information and product composition are now controlled via SAP Business One.


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