FUJIGEL is a leader in active packaging since 1960

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Chemicals Product

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Production, import and sale of the products for quality preservation; Sale of industrial adsorbent, additives; Customized packaging and incidental business

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Osaka, Japan

Challenges and opportunities

Improve capacity to meet new business requirements

  • Difficulties to generate the required data in a timely and easy manner
  • Mistakes due to manual control of stock quantity

WHY SAP AND be one solutions

Leading to reduce costs

  • Powerful and reasonable ERP Package
  • Covers all aspects of our business
  • be one solutions helped us to win time on our financial


Value-driven approach generates superior returns

  • Easy to control and forecast inventory
  • Integration of all business scenario in one system
  • Analyze current business in multiple dimensions
  • Control of production and cost accounting scenario
  • Multicurrency capabilities

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