Leveraging Data to Find New Business Opportunities and Drive Change

Developed by Microsoft and integrated with the Microsoft Power Platform, Power BI consists of various software services, apps, and connectors that allow you to create and share both static and interactive data visualizations from different data sources.

Power BI for everyone:

Analysts can turn data into insights and actions within minutes. They can connect to any data source, prepare data with ease, and generate visually stunning reports. Business users remain always informed and connected, accessing dashboards on any device, receiving timely alerts on data updates, and exploring detailed information. Their data is consistently accessible and ready for analysis. IT professionals can simplify management processes, ensure compliance, and protect data while providing users with the necessary access to insights they need. Developers have the capability to bring their applications to life with data. They can easily embed interactive data visuals and make amazing reports of high quality, on any device.

Power BI Capabilities

  • Discover hidden opportunities with AI: Transform your data into visuals with powerful data-analysis tools, AI features, and a user-friendly report-creation tool.
  • Consolidate your data: Create datasets from any source and store them in the OneLake data hub to create a reliable data foundation.
  • Make impacts with insights: Help users make better decisions by adding insights to the apps you use daily, like Microsoft Teams and Excel.
  • Empower every data team: Transform how your organization uses, controls, and responds to data by turning on Microsoft Fabric in your Power BI experience.

Power BI: A Powerful Tool for Data Analysis and Business Intelligence

  • Grow without limits: Process huge amounts of data with top-notch ingestion and semantic modeling in a tool that can scale across thousands of users.
  • Share insights everywhere: Embed and share reports in your other Microsoft services, such as Teams, PowerPoint, Excel, and Power Platform.
  • Boost your productivity with AI: Employ easy-to-use AI features that can discover data trends, make reports quickly, give solutions, and more.
  • Manage and protect data: Fulfill your needs and get full transparency with Microsoft governance, security, and compliance.

Get Started: Power BI Desktop Application with Cloud Migration Option

Power BI can be used and implemented in different ways, depending on your needs and preferences. You can choose to use Power BI Professional / Premium Cloud.

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