Streamline Intercompany Transactions and Integration

Caption: With be one ICS, you can generate AP invoices from AR invoices for intercompany transactions.

Operational complexity is the main challenge when it comes to intercompany transactions and integration for any organization with several business units or subsidiaries. This process is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive but also intricate.

When companies have vertical or horizontal integration, many transactions occur between two or more companies from a single starting point. And there comes the importance of streamlining your operations.

If you are part of a multinational or large enterprise, or if you own a large network of small and midsize companies, automation is the key to many of your pain points, such as accuracy, re-work, business consistency, and harmonization.

be one ICS (Intercompany Solution) for SAP Business One streamlines processes from a single source of truth. This entails master data management and approval, trading (AR and AP) automation, financial consolidation and many more.

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Global Organizations Challenges

1. Global Data

  • Master Data Replication
  • Business driven rule definition at Master Data field level
  • Status Dashboard with Context Logging and Retry Mechanism

2. Intercompany Trade

  • Intercompany Transactions
  • A/P Invoice G/L Allocation
  • Business-driven rule definition at Document field level

3. Consolidation

  • Multi-level Financial Consolidation
  • Intercompany Reports

4. Control & Collaboration

  • Status Dashboard with Context Logging and Retry Mechanism
  • Business Transaction Notifications (Alerts)
  • Authorizations and Authorization Groups Replication


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    be one solutions is one of the biggest global SAP partner, specializing in successful 2-tier worldwide blueprints, implementation and support. Our services come with a wide range of experience in implementing our own solutions as well as a great variety of others that are available on the market. We are best equipped to help you streamline your processes and leverage the full power of SAP Business One.

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