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Q: How to drive more value from SAP data?

A: With SAP Business One, you can access and analyze data from different aspects of your organization in a simple and integrated way. Our systems collect and process information from various sources to provide you with insightful data analysis. You can use analytics to identify and improve areas that are inefficient and enhance your efficiency and productivity. be one solutions systems enable you to perform data analysis across all functions of your company. You can easily understand and use the information to solve problems related to inventory management, purchasing, project management and manufacturing. With effective business analytics, you can optimize your processes, reduce your costs, adapt to changing markets, and track your finances, sales, and fulfilment. SAP-powered analytics is a powerful tool that can help you improve your organizational performance and support your growth and innovation.

Q: What is an SAP Gold Partner?

A: SAP grants this SAP Gold Partner certification to ensure partners deliver the best experience with their customers. In the SAP ecosystem (SAP Business One, SAP S/4HANA cloud), SAP Gold Partner status helps us to approach different industry segments and bring innovation forward with, for example, our Automotive Vertical solution. SAP provides us with all the tools, training, and know-how needed to guarantee the best possible outcome for our customers. To become SAP Gold Partner, SAP evaluates customer references, implementation successes, customer satisfaction, sales performance and verifies that the partner has everything needed to work hand in hand with their customers on behalf of SAP.

be one solutions is currently handling 12 VAR contracts (Value Added Reseller), which allow us to provide full coverage of SAP products, e.g.: licenses, maintenance, implementation, development, and support. We have already implemented SAP systems in more than 60 countries. Please contact be one solutions to get an updated list of the countries where we have already implemented SAP. Visit our customer success stories to find be one solutions‘ reference in transforming businesses for large accounts at all levels.

Q: Can I purchase SAP licenses from be one solutions?

A: Yes. As an SAP Gold Partner, be one solutions is allowed to sell SAP licenses and add-ons licenses, as well as consulting, development, project management, and program management services. We have consultants in over 30 countries who work closely with midsize to large enterprises. We tailor our customers’ needs and the functionality of their new ERP system, while also customizing and developing specific solutions for their needs.


Q: How do I use my data in real time globally?

A: SAP Business One will allow you to have a clear view of your business with business intelligence, analytics, and reporting to empower your people to make the best decisions faster and to find an industry-specific solution for your expanding business.

SAP Business One (SAP B1) is a full ERP solution, perfectly designed to let your medium-size business & subsidiaries run smoothly – even in the most exotic locations around the planet. SAP B1 is an integrated, affordable business management application. It’s a single system that can automate critical business operations.

Because every business is different, SAP Business One is designed with flexibility in mind. Your employees can start using it from day one. And as your business grows, you can customize and extend SAP B1 to meet your evolving needs.

Corporate information

Q: How's the be one solutions recruitment process?

A: To apply online, access the career portal here.

Pre-selection: your application is reviewed. You will receive an answer via e-mail.

Interviews: the recruitment process typically consists of three interviews. You will be interviewed by a recruitment officer to evaluate the fit and if the role is really what the candidate is looking for, these usually takes around 45 minutes. Next is the technical interview which is conducted by our operational staff, including your potential future manager. If that goes well, the candidate will undergo a personal interview with our HR manager, further evaluating the cultural fit within our company and values.  Following your interview process, you will receive an answer as soon as possible.

Hiring: if your application is selected for the position, be one solutions will formalize the terms of your contract and prepare for your onboarding.

Congratulations, and welcome to be one solutions!

Q: Is be one solutions hiring?

A: be one solutions is growing and that means many open positions. We are a global company that is continuously searching for professionals with expertise across multiple industries who are ready to jump right in. We seek passionate individuals who aspire to work in a team and value our culture of trust. This is the opportunity to upgrade your lifestyle and do the job you love within a global team, from the convenience of your chosen location. There is no limit to what we can do together. Come join us and level up your career! Discover our career opportunities!

Q: What is the location of be one solutions' headquarters and the rest of its subsidiaries?

A: be one solutions is a global SAP partner currently present in 18 countries, with active resources in over 30 countries, and implementations in over 60 countries. We offer our customers an exclusive boutique experience, from the conception of customized blueprints, to post-go-live support in 18 languages. We help our clients drive their own digital transformation to obtain tangible and sustainable benefits. We use our own resources to implement projects and support customers. Our core business is focused on large enterprises, and multinational rollouts of SAP systems. We don’t subcontract other partners to implement SAP systems or provide support to customers.

Our headquarters address is: Bahnhofstrasse 11 – 6300 Zug, Switzerland (CH)


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Q: Who's who at be one solutions?

A: be one solutions was founded in 2008 by Uzi Halfon and Rainer Vischer. Both had previously held leading roles within the SAP Business One ecosystem. In 2022, Uzi Halfon become a 100% shareholder of the company. Bringing with him a wealth of systems implementation, and business management experience, he is both dedicated, and passionate in delivering the best services to our customers. Our goal remains to be the global rollout of multinational companies and we are proud to say that we employ over 140 dedicated employees worldwide, and counting.

Enterprise resource planning implementation lifecycle

Q: What are the typical phases of an ERP rollout?

A: The overall strategy is to implement a global template that is customized based on the unique needs of our customers, and implementing it with the rest of their subsidiaries across the globe.

Preparation phase: During the preparation phase, we clarify the objectives and present the global template.

Analysis phase: During the analysis phase, we host discovery and/or gap analysis sessions, with the outcome of the session being to create a list of gaps/challenges which we analyze and define in the global template which is later integrated into the specific subsidiary. A local blueprint is produced and once the analysis phase is complete, there’s a comprehensive vision of how a subsidiary will work with SAP Business One.

Construction phase: The master database is prepared with all the settings, configurations, and set up. The master data is uploaded with the help of key users defined by the customer. All of the processes, and functionalities are comprehensively tested, and everything that is defined in the site blueprint is deployed. The outcome of the delivery phase is the “live” database ready to be used.

Testing and training phase: Key users are testing the whole system to assess if it works as expected. Trainings are delivered to key users first and eventually to the end users. The outcome of the testing and training phase is the User Acceptance Test (UAT).

Last phase: Preparation of “go-live”. The template for migration of existing data is provided, and enables migration of opening balances to the customer. A cut-over plan is decided and implemented. Typically, there is one month period of hypercare where we support the customer on a daily basis either onsite or offsite. Our support department will take over all support and even update requests onsite or offsite.

Q: What are the options when it comes to development and customization services for SAP systems?

A: be one solutions offers development, customization, and integration services for SAP systems and other third-party applications. To understand all the types of developments, please contact be one solutions, for detailed information.

Q: Does be one solutions offer a production-focused add-on that runs on SAP Business One?

A: Yes. be one solutions a production add-on, when the system delivered production module is not quite enough for the customer’s needs.

Q: Is a Warehouse Management System (WMS) available at be one solutions?

A: Yes, be one solutions offers a WMS when the customer’s requirements go beyond what standard SAP systems can do.

Q: Is a Quality Control System available at be one solutions?

A: Yes, be one solutions offers a Quality Control (QC) add-on if the customer requires to manage Quality Assurance in the SAP system.

Q: Is Plant Management System available at be one solutions?

A: Yes, be one solutions offers a Plant Management add-on, if the customer requires this functionality in the SAP systems.

Q: Is there an add-on localization for SAP systems available at be one solutions?

A: Yes, be one solutions also resells localization add-ons for SAP systems in countries like, Brazil, China, Colombia, Italy, and Peru for example.

Q: ERP implementation: expectations vs reality?

A: Changing the ERP of an enterprise is modifying the daily tools of most departments, and most likely affecting/improving business processes as well. This can be a significant challenge and investment (including time and effort). As with all challenges, the beginning is often times the hardest part. However, with the right attitude, management, and joint dedication from the company, and the SAP Partner, we can overcome the challenges and succeed.

Q: Does your company offer support services?

A: Yes, be one solutions offers support services to our customers, usually after the project’s “go-live”. be one solutions can offer tailor-made support services to our customers, including 24×7 availability, if this is the customer’s need and requirement.

Q: Where can I find pricing information?

A: Our customers obtain our prices via the proposals sent by our Account Managers. We offer both time and material, and fixed-price projects. We can tailor the project to the customer’s needs.

be one solutions as a global SAP Partner, with a global footprint, means offering our customers the option to choose the best location to be billed for a project.

Q: What is be one solutions' implementation methodology?

A: be one solutions developed its own project implementation methodology for SAP global roll-outs, called be one PRIME. It was developed on top of the SAP B1 AIP 3.0 methodology.



Q: How is be one solutions handling remote implementation?

A: Although we wouldn’t recommend a full remote implementation for a manufacturing company, we have numerous remote implementations over the years and are happy to discuss if this could be a good fit for your company.

Q: What is the Tier 2 ERP at be one solutions?

A: Two-tier ERP fits well with mid-size companies, and is a strategy often taken by large, multinational enterprises that use tier 1 ERP for common core processes at the corporate level, and two-tier ERP for subsidiaries of the company to address specific needs. Usually, the needs of subsidiaries are less complex, but you can find several vertical market players in the tier 2 category – some choose to bring their focus on the complexity of only one very specialized industry.

be one solutions focuses on successful partnerships with large, multinational corporations that aim at deploying straightforward, powerful global solutions for their small & mid-sized subsidiaries. Over the past 15 years, we have gathered a vast experience in ERP system implementation and its rollout process on a global scale with a 2-Tier strategy or a 1-Tier one.

System interface

Q: Who will take care of customizations / adaptations and interfaces with other systems?

A: At be one solutions, we can do the interface with any other systems, SAP systems or third-party systems.


Q: How can I send feedback on your website?

A: We are happy to get any feedback. Please provide your feedback on this form: