Tier 1 ERP Software Rollout Strategy

One-Tier ERP solutions are built for multinational companies with multiple departments and global subsidiaries. Tier 1 ERPs are designed to service the needs of Fortune 1000 companies, whose revenues are often measured in billions. These 1-tier ERPs are made for handling the complexity of large, multinational firms, for example, enabling multiple people to handle the same tasks. SAP ECC is an example of sophisticated ERP software. As part of that functionality, this system is highly complex to configure, requires a long time to implement and has a wealth of features which come with an initial high cost, as well as a high total cost of ownership (TCO). In comparison, a smaller company would be overwhelmed by the number of steps and the overall intricacy.

Tier 2 ERP Software Rollout Strategy

Two-tier ERP is a strategy adopted by large, multinational enterprises that use tier 1 ERP for core common processes at the corporate level and tier 2 ERP for subsidiaries of the company to address specific needs. This approach to ERP saves money because 2-Tier is less expensive and gives smaller locations more control, flexibility and agility in meeting their unique and local needs. In a two-tier ERP approach, such as SAP Business One, master data management requires careful attention to ensure that there is no duplication of data or inconsistency. The functionalities are comprehensive and intuitive, and the system allows a high degree of customization and agility.

global rollout SAP 2 tier strategy

Listening to your subsidiaries' needs will help you clearly define what type of ERP system they need. Here are some of the goals and improvements that multinational companies are looking for in a solution for their various branches:

  • Cost efficiency
  • Speed of implementation cycle
  • Usability and trainability
  • Transparency of processes and data
  • Harmonization of processes and data
  • Harmonization of reporting
  • Integration between subsidiary to subsidiary, or subsidiary to HQ
  • Improvement of organization (best practice approach)
  • Flexibility

Global Implementation, from Blueprint to Rollout

A core team, a bunch of great individuals who understand what they are doing – on your side and ours, will manage the project. They are the leaders and will guide the local teams as an extension of the HQ in order to complete a successful rollout to the respective subsidiaries. The starting point is a “Template”, which is then implemented in the “Pilot” location, followed by a clear workflow to ensure the next subsidiaries are onboarded effectively and smoothly.

Our own, carefully designed, project methodology goes through 5 key phases, to ensure the best delivery of the solution.

First, we define the scope, gather all the necessary information and prepare to launch the project with your team. When ready, we kick it off, get deeper into the definition of your need, design your template and train your key-users. Once this analysis phase is done, we go into the construction of your scalable solution, before engaging in the acceptance test stage. This is a crucial step which guarantees everything works and all users have understood all aspects of the ERP system functionalities. Finally, we move into the go live stage, where we finalize the project and deliver not only the solution but a plan to ensure all goes well once we are done, and your team operates independently on the ERP software.

Post Go-Live Support

Of course, we don’t say “good bye” without ever looking back. Our expert support team takes over and is there to provide you with the best expertise, on-site or remote, via phone, email, Skype, or WhatsApp.

We operate 3 support hubs around the globe, and have a centralized case / ticket handling system for maximum cost reduction.

After a global rollout and SAP go live, our customers benefit from 24/7 SAP services around the globe, in English, as well as over 15 local languages during office hours. For maximum control and full transparency of each customer’s open ticket and budget, we provide monthly support management review calls, monthly activity reports, dashboards and support budget analysis. Get in touch if you want to learn more about our world-spanning support offering!

global rollout SAP support

Core Benefits of a Full-Blown and True Global Supplier

We are rolling out by ourselves, without any third parties involved. That means our own people, on our payroll – global, regional and local resources – are where you need them and when you need them. It is about providing “One Face to the Customer”. Here is what choosing a comprehensive and genuine global supplier means to our clients:

  • We create the template with the core team.
  • We handle the pilot with the core team, plus, local team involvement on-demand.
  • We manage rollouts by local teams with the core team controlling the main project management aspect.
  • Our local team is part of be one solutions, hence they know exactly our methodology.
  • We have no communication gap and misunderstanding as our entire team is bilingual, at the minimum.
  • No challenges on scheduling as our internal team is truly committed to the project.
  • We can guarantee an assignment of SAP Business One experts depending on your needs, as our team has an average of 15 years of SAP implementation experience.
  • A clear escalation path, all internal at be one solutions.
  • One single point of contact for your head office as your global service partner.

Why be one solutions for Your Global SAP Rollouts?

be one solutions is the perfect SAP global services partner for your business. Our operations are spread out worldwide to support a global rollout that covers all stages of SAP development - from template, pilot, development, to 24/7 post-go live support. Our team of over 120 experts located in strategic positions across multiple countries has facilitated SAP rollouts in over 500 companies across 60 countries.

We are experienced in global rollouts, due to the world-spanning nature of our own company. be one solutions is a truly international entity. Our people work seamlessly across borders to provide resources for your rollout, regardless of whether the scope is global, local, or somewhere in between. Our team members speak multiple languages, which prevents any miscommunications or loss of information during the rollout. With our 24-hour post-go support available from anywhere in the world and in more than 15 languages, your SAP rollout using be one solutions is in good hands.

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