A Very Welcomed Collaboration Between Our SAP Consultants and JRS Team All Over the World

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Rosenberg, Germany

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Challenges and opportunities

Help to Face Challenges Going Global

  • Companies with different ERP systems or partially even without ERP systems.
  • No internal contacts for software problems.
  • Heterogeneous process structures and philosophies related to coordination and management issues.
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WHY SAP AND be one solutions

Reliable Partner and Friends

  • Establishment of standard business processes and norms.
  • Deployment of software for the latest start-up companies.
  • Central installation in Germany and in the United States with access via Citrix.
  • International establishment of be one solutions for consultancy and support.
  • Support is allocated in various time zones.
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End-To-end Monitoring of All Data

  • Coverage of Information requirements through standardized evaluations and notions based on harmonized article master data, order processing, booking logic as well as calculations.
  • Development of standard statistics and a worldwide marketing strategy.
  • Reduction of maintenance and support costs.

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