Why Should You Choose BE1S Cloud?

Strategic partnership

We have established a direct and solid partnership with Amazon Web Services (aws) to ensure the faster and most efficient technology infrastructure for deployment.


In-house experts

Our team members are experts on AWS, guaranteeing the highest quality, security and compliance across all services, set ups, and configurations.


Uptime everyday

One of our major advantages is the zero downtime during infrastructure transitions. Our team members manage each step with the process, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted workflow. While our AWS experts handle the infrastructure, our SAP Business One team review everything to ensure a successful results as well as a seamless workflow.


Constantly evolving

We are committed to constant innovating on our services and standards. This commitment ensures that our customers consistently benefit from the latest version of our solutions.

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Move Your Business to the Cloud

"be one solutions is a great partner for SAP cloud hosting. We have a deep understanding of SAP solutions and we offer a flexible and tailored approach to meet our client specific needs. We also provide excellent support and guidance throughout the project." André Marcelino, Chief Information Officer at be one solutions

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Cloud Hosting Benefits

Our Cloud Hosting Solution Includes

Our Cloud Offers TSPlus Advantages


  • Licensing model is based on concurrent connections, not total amount of users like Microsoft RDS, this results in reduced costs.
  • TSPlus can be accessed via a Web Page and used as:
    • HTML5 full on RDP, similar to Windows RDP but accessible through any browser.
    • RemoteApp where users only see the published applications and can open them directly.
  • Thanks to HTML5 access, TSPlus is accessible from anywhere and on any device with an internet connection.
  • TSPlus communications are exclusively done over HTTPS with properly configured SSL certificates, thus ensuring a high level of security.
  • Supports Two Factors Authentication (2FA) that can be enabled at a minimal additional cost.
  • TSPlus allows setting up a server’ farm, so customers only need one webpage for access, eliminating the need for IP addresses and Ports.

24/7 Comprehensive Monitoring


visualize the data in different types of charts, such as graphs, gauges, tables, and heatmaps

We use an industry-leading monitoring software, Prometheus and Grafana, to guarantee round-the-clock, in depth monitoring of all our customers servers. Our monitoring includes alerts for common metrics like CPU and RAM. Additionally, we offer specialized alerts for the SAP Business One environment, which have been custom-built by our dedicated team.

Grafana and Prometheus work together to monitor and visualize data
cloud hosting by be one solutions

BE1S Cloud, Cloud Hosting Services offers a dedicated cloud environment that is optimized for SAP Business One.

To download the brochure, just fill out the form below and click on the "Download" button. As soon as you complete the form and click the button, you will be able to access the brochure in your downloaded files folder. Thank you for your interest in BE1S Cloud Hosting.

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