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With companies from small start-ups to large enterprises moving their operations to the cloud and embracing online collaborations and productivity services, digital transformation has become the buzzword on the tip of everyone's tongues in recent years.

Before the pandemic began, plans to transfer business operations to SAP cloud solutions were staggered, with many companies yet to implement any digital solutions into their procedures. However, when lockdowns across the world became a reality as Covid-19 brought the globe to a halt, remote working was a necessity in order for businesses to survive the pandemic and was an unexpected reality check for many companies of all sizes.

The restrictions imposed by governments in an attempt to battle the pandemic turned the world on its end, with industries such as hospitality and travel struggling to combat their losses as many businesses suffered continuation challenges. As a result of the uncertainty during the height of Covid-19 and the likelihood that many of the changes would become the new normal, businesses began charting a course to direct the operations towards digital transformations and SAP cloud computing. Many companies saw an acceleration in their digital transformation and implemented years' worth of planning in vastly shorter timeframes to contend with the difficulties brought on by the pandemic.

There are many reasons for the continued acceleration in implementing digital transformation plans since the risks with the pandemic have eased, and people around the world are returning to normal practices. We're here to look at some of the top reasons why businesses are still turning to SAP cloud solutions.

Value Of SAP Cloud Solutions

The global health crisis was the catalyst many companies needed to establish the value of SAP cloud solutions and the flexibility it could provide to critical business operations. A surge of accelerated implementation across a range of industries in response to the pandemic proved to be an ideal opportunity for the cloud computing market, with worldwide spending expected to increase in 2022 to over $397.4 billion.

Flexible Business Functions

Before the pandemic, many companies looked at SAP cloud solutions as modern infrastructure that could provide more responsive innovation, cost optimization, and accelerated time to market. However, since Covid-19 began, enterprises now see that SAP cloud solutions are much more than that as they offer a range of flexible functions that are vital in order to build a resilient business. Aspects such as disaster recovery, reduced backup costs, remote workforce management, and improved business process and continuity are just a few of the functions that provide a business with the agility it needs to focus on building a resilient organization.

Advanced Business Operations

In the wake of the pandemic, business operations have advanced as they were forced to evolve during the height of Covid-19. Many companies have implemented SAP cloud solutions to keep up with the continued demand from consumers for online learning, virtual reality, intelligent chatbots, digital payments, virtual retail, augmented reality, telemedicine, and much more.

As more people stayed at home, the eCommerce and video streaming industries boomed since in-store retail therapy shifted to online shopping and those at home had little in the way of entertainment options. As a result, many stores and service providers with brick and mortar locations pivoted to the digital world by providing online ordering, home deliveries, pickup in-store, and curbside pickup in order to protect their client base.

Remote Working Opportunities

Remote working as a result of Covid-19 underlined the value of SAP cloud solutions for seamless online collaboration and business continuity. All employees are able to use this computing solution from any location, and the accessibility of the SAP cloud solutions provides a straightforward transition for businesses that are moving into remote working opportunities. Companies are able to store and access their data from anywhere and at any time without having to implement large-scale IT operational changes and can instead focus on business operation optimization.

When teams first began working from home, there were many teething problems as organizations didn't have the infrastructure in place for remote working to run seamlessly as it would on-site, which often left employees with limited access to the company's resources. In response to the new structure, companies turned to SAP cloud solutions in order to provide their employees with full access to the data they required to perform their roles which saved time and energy while allowing business practices to return to normal, albeit remotely.

Healthcare Industry Investments

The healthcare industry was pushed into the forefront during the height of the pandemic for obvious reasons and as stretched to its breaking point across the globe. As a result, consumer demand for cloud-based solutions increased with the implementation of virtual appointments and SAP cloud solutions to deliver data in real-time to help make clinical operations faster and more efficient. Many of the new processes utilizing SAP cloud solutions eradicate manual documentation and streamlines procedures in order to enhance the patient's experience while aligning with data protection standards and HIPPA compliance.

Educate Students Online

When the lockdowns began to be implemented across the world, many schools and universities were impacted. As a result, education undertook digital transformations faster than any other industry, and operations were transitioned to online course delivery almost immediately. In order to conduct and process operations such as evaluations, entrance examinations, and tuition fees, the education industry embraced SAP cloud solutions. Many see remote learning as the future of the education industry as it offers solutions for overcrowding while providing education for the masses. Furthermore, built-in technological support assists students and frees up teachers' time while delivering a bespoke learning experience for each individual.

SAP cloud solutions make it possible for students to access up-to-date versions of assignments whenever changes are made, without the worry of human error or professors forgetting to email out updates. This provides the ideal platform for students to learn at their own pace with the best materials at their fingertips. From video conferencing tools to document sharing, and note sharing to collaborative revision tools, students and educators are finding they can collaborate more effectively than they would in person, which is why many students have adopted these solutions themselves to ensure they get the best education possible.

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