Facilitating Business Expansion to New Locations with SAP Business One's High Level IT Integration

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​Industrial machine development, production, and support services for food and drug manufacturer

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Atsugi, Kanagawa, Japan

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Lack of Data Uniformity Across HQ in Japan and US Entity

  • In 2014, their US entity took the initiative alongside the support of local partners to SAP implementation (Business One), and upon its SAP implementation, discrepancies within the accounting data were found.​
  • During the process of re-implementing the system together with their HQ in Japan and be one solutions Japan, they realized the importance of having a trusted partner and a high-level IT integration system that doesn’t completely rely on the local systems. ​
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The Single Point of Contact for All Your SAP Needs

  • No issues with the existing SAP Business One system required only a simple tweak to adjust and redefine the requirements to fit their company size and needs.
  •  be one solutions has its own offices at the same overseas locations, and can support the local workers in their native languages.
  • It would be ideal to unify their templates through the IT integration system of SAP Business One.
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Efficient Reporting and Inventory Cost Reduction

  • Balance settling processes have been sped up considerably, thanks to quick and easy visualization of information such as monthly accounting data.
  • Thanks to SAP Business One, their Thai office resolved their stockpile management issues, thus compressing excess inventory costs.
  • Each user is now able to see all data from every location. This change has brought about improvements in each user’s awareness of data management and enabled them to actively seek out solutions. ​
  • Henceforth, they expect to broaden ties with each location directly with the Thailand plant and collaborate with order management systems for custom-made products by utilizing the centralized SAP Business One system. ​

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