SAP Business One Provides Skandinavisk with a Sense of Success and Growth Potential

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Home fragrance, personal care, fine fragrance

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Copenhagen, Denmark

Skandinavisk Scented Candle


Lack of Complete Integration Across Several Departments

  • Skandinavisk was seeking to fully integrate manufacturing, e-commerce, retail, and administration.
  • Management was striving for greater scalability geared at global expansion, especially in the e-commerce division.
  • New scalable software was required that could consolidate data across a multi-currency environment.
skandinavisk lempi collection candle


Robust ERP Solution That Optimizes Processes

  • SAP Business One provides real-time, fully updated overviews for all corporate and manufacturing processes.
  • The solution consolidates all company data onto a single, robust, and easily accessible platform.
  • be one solutions was highly responsive and able to provide around-the-clock support, which was vital.
skandinavisk Fjord Hand Wash product


Improved Profitability

  • Better decision-making via optimized internal data intelligence.
  • Comprehensive real-time views have enhanced oversight and general management.
  • SAP implementation: all departments have been fully integrated.
  • More robust and scalable ERP facilitating future growth.

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