Full System Rollout for a New Operation in the Philippines in Only Five Months

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General trading divisions (automotive; aerospace and transportation; infrastructure and healthcare; energy; metals, mineral resources, and recycling; chemicals; consumer industries and agriculture; retail and consumer services)

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Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan



Successful ERP Rollout in a Limited Timeframe

  • Incorporation as an import distributor for Mitsubishi Fuso-brand vehicles in the Philippines.
  • Balancing the parallel priorities of employee recruitment and new system implementation.
  • The pressures of delivering a successful system rollout within a five-month period.
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Automotive-Tailored Template

  • Thanks to the Fuso subsidiary, SAP Business One and be one solutions Japan already boasted a stellar track record based on a quality-driven, winning formula that compared favorably to any ERP packages offered by other potential partners.
  • be one solutions Japan already had templates tailored to the motor vehicle industry so the system was primed for instant deployment.
  • be one solutions Japan’s English and Japanese bilingual systems ensured a smooth SAP implementation and greater peace of mind.
  • Besides its other capabilities, be one solutions Japan could also support the ERP packages used for approvals, reporting, registration, and other functions by the Philippines government’s Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).
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Centrally Managed Data Tailored to the Auto Industry​

  • The software’s ability to track and log key automotive-specific data like vehicle master info, pricing details, individual VIN transactions, and pre-shipment inspections, facilitated centralized information management and improved business productivity.
  • Because the system automatically collects, sorts, and flows key data to the appropriate follow-up destinations, inputting errors were significantly reduced, as was labor-intensive manual input.
  • Handheld scanners were indeed handy for logging parts, tracking stock, and managing inventory. Also, the potential to link this system to Fuso’s own provides yet another opportunity for more exciting future collaboration.​

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