For the successful integration of their newly acquired subsidiaries, CPM chose and continues to choose to ​be one solutions, and SAP B1

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Food machinery producer,​ Acquisition

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Automation and Equipment Solutions for the food value chain

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Blaine, Minnesota, USA

​"If the number of users is not over 500, SAP Business One is a no-brainer"

Sarp Sagnak, ERP Team Leader, CPM Holdings

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Challenges and opportunities


  • Need for a single, standard solution that could act as a platform and grow with them, as well as support all the legislations and localizations that they cover.
  • Linguistic differences between the local subsidiaries and the international team.
  • As a global company running in 25 locations, they needed a more seamless approach to compliance issues.​
  • As an acquisition company, CPM is a target of private equity, thus changing ownership every 3-4 years. They needed razor-sharp figures, from a single source to facilitate this process.
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WHY SAP AND be one solutions

Global company, localized support

  • A company like CPM is ever-evolving and constantly improving its business processes, they thus needed a partner like SAP that continually invests in the improvement of their products.
  • be one solutions is an SAP implementation partner with a global footprint, speaking the same language as their subsidiaries, coupled with extensive knowledge of each country's market and its accompanying challenges, thus making deployment a breeze.
  • SAP facilitates compliance with local, legal, and tax requirements, via consistent releases and upgrades to the SAP Business One framework.
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Great long-term Investment

  • Great long-term investment as the tool supports more processes than it was originally bought for, as time passes.
  • Easier processes thanks to moving from many different systems (Microsoft, Exact, Sage, etc.) into a common platform using SAP Business One.
  • Greater transparency, traceability, and auditing.

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