A scalable SAP solution able to communicate easily with VELUX headquarter's SAP ECC

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Hørsholm, Denmark

be one solutions has not just the right skills or the right people, they also have the right ideas, the right vision that also connects to how we think we should work, with high standards, high quality

Thilo Sterner, IT Business Partner at VELUX A/S Denmark

Challenges and opportunities

An ambitious growth strategy

  • Previously VELUX operated multiple systems that did not communicate or synchronize.
  • New software was required that would work seamlessly with SAP ECC to incorporate all data into one report.

WHY SAP AND be one solutions

The right ideas and the right vision

  • SAP Business One was easy to use and could be combined with other existing SAP software.
  • be one solutions had the right skills, right people and right ideas for VELUX.
  • be one solutions connected with how VELUX want to work – with high standards and high quality.


High standards, high quality

  • Since implementation, all VELUX offices around the world are connected via SAP business One.
  • Data from SAP Business One is now combined with SAP ECC data into one corporate standard management report.
  • VELUX’s growth strategy is fully supported by SAP Business One.

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