When it comes to choosing an enterprise resource planning solutions, one size does not fit all

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Producer and marketer of chemicals

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There is a commitment within BASF to put everybody on the ECC platform. We see that over the course of the last two to three years there is a recognition that one size does not fit all for two reasons. In our case it was a completely different business model.

Vince WEISNOSKI, Manager of Business Processes at BASF

Challenges and opportunities

Lot of processes, lot of procedures

  • Previously a SAP partner, BASF realized one size does not fit all and therefore required a new solution to unite all divisions onto one specific business management platform.
  • The new software needed to be quick to implement.

WHY SAP AND be one solutions

SAP Business One as an alternative solution

  • SAP Business One had all the capabilities that BASF required.
  • be one solutions was able to implement SAP Business One within seven months without any undue expense.
  • The right project team was crucial to ensure success.


The right project team in place

  • BASF now find merging documents with SAP Business One easy, thanks to simple file transfers and easy to use interfaces.
  • All processes and procedures are now standardized and centrally controlled.
  • be one solutions are working towards integrating SAP Business One with the central BASF computer system and moving all data to the cloud.

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