SAPBusiness One is a platform that a lot of enterprises have embraced and rely on every single day. In this 2-part series we talk the key updates to features within SAP Business One Version 10.0 for SAP HANA.

The 1st Part of this series covered updates on usability and new features that make common processes easier and increase transparency. If you have missed this update and want to get caught up, click here.

Let’s dive right in to the new features for specific users and general technology updates.

  • Journal entry remarks character count increase

The remarks field has been increased to 254 characters to allow for more information to be provided within the entries.

  • Addition of Link Arrows for quick access to documents and reports

Link arrows have been added before the names of accounts or business partners allowing users quick access to open accounts and business partner master data directly from the financial report.

  • Sales & Purchasing Enhancements

    • Hiding empty address lines

    Ability to hide empty address lines to make addresses easier to read within SAP Business One and printed marketing documents. The hidden address line fields will automatically appear once information is entered.

  • A/R reserve invoices showing within Backorder Report

All A/R Reserve invoices are now shown within the Backorder report and shows the invoice’s status, whether that is Not Paid, Partially Paid or Fully Paid.

Inventory Enhancements

  • Updating serial numbers and batches is now available within A/R reserve invoices and inventory transfer requests.

This new feature allows a user to apply a global update within A/R invoices and inventory transfer request affecting only related serial numbers and batches.

  • Transparency in warehouse transfers

Destination Warehouse Code and Destination Warehouse Named fields are now available in Serial Number Management to give more transparency around transfers.

  • Changing Units of Measure (UoM) Groups within the Item Master Data

This new functionality is now possible so long as the new UoM group has the identical set of conversion rules as the original UoM group.

Here’s a 3-minute video on UoM groups for SAP Business One 10.0.

Production Enhancements

Updating Item Descriptions within the Item Master Data are now automatically updated and reflected in the connected Bill of Materials document.

  • Link arrows as quick access to Item Master Data

Where new link arrows are in every document or report, a user can now choose to set the link arrow to open the Item Master Data window instead of Bill of Materials. This change can be applied in the General Settings of SAP Business One 10.0.

  • Project Management Enhancements

    • Gantt Charts are now made into dynamic project planning tools.

    Users are now able to update information within the charts improving efficiency and visibility.

    Changes within the Gantt Charts now allow users to update project details, move time bars reflect project planning timeline changes, view due dates and finished dates and status updates in the project stages will reflect in the chart automatically.

    New Localization for the UK and Northern Ireland

    See the chart below for the new localization assignment:

  • BAS Code Definitions set-up for the new localization is now available and added along with the new automatically activated tax functionalities.
  • This new localization is now available in the list of local settings when setting up or creating new companies

Technology Updates - Platform

  • SAP Business One 10.0 Version SAP HANA only supports 64-bit operating system.

In line with the ending of 32-bit Windows OS business support, the 32-bit components have been removed from the SAP Business One 10.0 set-up wizard and product disc.

Please note that the automatic migration from 32-bit to 64-bit components is not possible. Previously installed 32-bit components have to be manually uninstalled and then install the 64-bit components using the set-up wizard.

  • SAP Business One 10.0 version SAP HANA only supports SAP HANA Enterprise Edition 2.0 multi-tenant database.
  • Service Layer Configuration Controller

SAP Business One service layer configuration has a new user interface to set-up the service, stop, start, and restart functions. You can find the new site under the SAP Business One SLD services tab.

  • SAP Business One 10.0 Version SAP HANA is now utilizing the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 OS.

This multimodal operating system supports the physical, virtual, and cloud enablements or software-defined environments. The new operating system also supports Modular + architecture which means product updates and patches are provided more frequently.

Technology Updates - Flexible Customizing

  • User-defined menu item limit increase

has been increased from 1,000 items to a theoretical maximum of 5,000.

  • FormID and Code fields character length increased

Field characters have been increased to 100 characters in:

FormID field in the database table CSHS

Code field in the database table OUDO

  • User-Defined Values Multiple Triggers

Users are now able to select/enter up to 5 fields fields as triggers that affect/refresh values within User-Defined fields. You are able to apply this change by selecting the Auto Refresh When Field Changes tick box within the User-Defined values set-up.

  • User-Defined Fields (UDF) available to more objects

16 additional objects can now support UDFs within SAP Business One 10.0 Version SAP HANA. The user defined fields can be created directly from the Master Data Attachment section with User-Defined Field Management.

Here’s the list of are the new objects and their table names where new user-defined fields can be added:

We hope you enjoyed our 2-part series on the latest updates to SAP Business One 10.0 for SAP HANA. To find out more about the features and updates included in our blogs please view the following pages:

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