With the recent updates to SAP Business One Version 10.0 for SAP HANA comes very useful enhancements across the platform’s most used functional modules.

In this 2-part blog, we will be sharing key updates to several features within SAP Business One Version 10.0 for SAP HANA mainly around features that help make processes easier and technology updates.

New Look & Feel

The SAP Fiori user experience principles inspired the release of the new skin for SAP HANA 10.0 users. The Fiori-Style cockpit has been readjusted to work well with 4K monitors and a new Belize Deep skin is available with other skins to be released in later patches. The updated interface provides a better enterprise user experience for SAP Business One and the new SAP HANA web client.

To apply this new skin, you can select Fiori-Style Cockpit in general settings.


  • Easily change between User and Company

The User Name and Company Name can now be found top and center of the SAP Business One screen making it easy to switch user and company.

  • Posting Periods Window Updates

You are now to sort data in any column using the Sort Table window or your keyboard and mouse.  A Find field can also be used to search for data within the first sorted column.

You can also arrange your data for the new posting period by automatically setting the Due Date To field to the last day of the selected month of the next fiscal year.

  • Window Adjustments and Show & Hide Toolbar

To make your working area more efficient, some SAP Business One forms have been improved to support resizing and full-width display.  The ability to resize and maximize forms aims to increase usability by avoiding scrolling.

The new Show/Hide Toolbar icon has been added to add more space to your working area with one-click.

This function is available to use in the following forms:

General Settings, Posting Periods, Company Details, Print Preferences, Internal Reconciliations & Reconciliation, Checks for Payment, Document Generation Wizard, Update Special Prices Globally, Trial Balance Revaluation, General Leger, Layout and Sequence, Request for Generation Approval, Approval Stages, Export Transactions to SAP Business One, Payment Methods, Payment Terms, Authorization Groups Setup in Query Manager, Report and Layout Manager, User Defined Fields > Field Data, Configuration Management, Cash Flow and Add-On Manager.

  • SAP Business One Office 365 Integration

Office 365 integration allows for documents, reports, and queries to be exported to Microsoft Excel or Word and simply export directly to OneDrive allowing you to view your files online.  This feature also allows you to design your own export template.

To utilise this integration, the email address used for the Office 365 account needs to be configured in the SAP Business One user set-up.  If the user set-up is correct, you can enable the Office 365 link directly in the Administration> General Settings > Path Tab and follow on-screen instructions for integration.

SAP Business One Version SAP HANA Web Client

A new web client, sporting the Fiori-Style cockpit for a seamless user experience, is now available to support 9 core logic and processes for SAP HANA users.  The SAP Business One 10.0 web client is available in all UI languages and provides remote access to the following core processes:

  • Sales Orders – Edit, create, process, preview & printing, trigger an approval and create & process sales order drafts
  • Additional Sales Documents – list view of sales quotations, A/R invoices, A/R credit memos and returns
  • Business Partners – Edit business partner master data, create new business partners
  • Items – Create new and edit items
  • Activities – Create new and edit activities, notifications and reminders for activities
  • Analytics & Overview Screen Designer – Analysis overview and charts for financials, sales and purchases, customer and vendor balances overview and charts, inventory status and transactions overview and charts
  • Multiple Branches
  • User-defined objects, tables, and fields
  • Enterprise Search

SAP Business One web client for SAP HANA users is currently available in the following localizations:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and United States of America.

System Handling & Printing Enhancements

Enhancements to increase transparency and simplify processes are the focus of the notable updates on the administration side of SAP Business One 10.0

  • Support Expiration Date information

This can now be easily found in your About SAP Business One window.  It clearly provides all necessary information in one screen for transparency in services.

  • New User Name field in License Administration and Add-On Administration

This feature gives you more transparency within SAP Business One by providing additional information about a user’s name or identity additional to the user code value.

The User Name field can also be used to sort or filter entries adding to ease of use and search functionality (below the License Administration window and Add-On Administration window).


  • Increased Character Count in Groups Name

The field length has been increased to support up to 100 characters for custom values in Customer Groups Name, Vendor Groups Name and Item Groups Name.

  • Printing Enhancements

Added filter options of BP Code, customer group and vendor group are now available within the document printing selection criteria.  Additional sorting and filtering are also added in the print document window.

For payment-related documents the additional fields ‘Account from and to’ automatically be available to make bulk printing filters more efficient.

Within Printing Preferences,  user are now able to choose  whether they want service calls and service contracts to be exported to PDF, printed or emailed.

Referenced Documents and Attachments

  • Referenced documents added to more document types

The Referenced Documents and reference links can now be created and added to the following document types:

  • Inventory Document – Goods issue, goods receipt, inventory transfer request, and inventory transfer
  • Purchase request
  • Checks for payment
  • Recurring posting can now be referenced to a single document – this is supported in Checks for Payment, Purchase Request, Good Receipt & Issue, Inventory Transfer Request, and Inventory Transfer
  • New attachment tab available in more objects

Attachment tab is now made available in these more objects for clear identification of related information.   The attachment tab is now available in these objects:

Journal Entry, Incoming & Outgoing Payments, Checks for Payment, Deposit, Production Order, Time Sheet, Inventory Opening Balance, Inventory Counting, and Inventory Posting.

Approvals and Authorizations

  • Tab-Level Authorization

This allows for different user or user groups access rights to be granted to different tabs in the Item Master Data and Business Partner Master Data.

The authorization can be set to Full, Read-Only, or No Authorisation for each tab and this means users are only able to see tabs they have been given authorisations for.

These new updates to usability and process functionality can make repeat tasks easier and increase transparency across users and departments.

Look out for Part 2 of SAP Business One Version 10.0 for SAP HANA where we share more role-specific updates and technology enhancements.

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