Regardless of the market and niche, unexpected rises in inflation and an escalating geopolitical situation can quickly change a company's external environment. Unforeseen events like the COVID-19 pandemic can be fatal for unprepared businesses.

On the other hand, if proper SAP solutions and automation are in place, with the help of accurate data reporting, turnkey top-level decisions could be made that can take advantage of the unprecedented events out of our control. Beyond choosing the most fitting SAP solution, the right partner guarantees continuity despite challenges to any business

How be one solutions Supported HH Global’s Expansion

Quoting the words of HH Global, “the right implementation partner is absolutely crucial and needs to be flexible and agile, and to be able to scale their game as your company expands.

In early 2019, HH Global found the implementation partner they were looking for. be one solutions became more than that to HH Global; as they took over implementation and support, they became part of the team.

The client’s business was growing by the end of 2020, which moved from a 300 million turnover business to over half a billion-turnover business in just a couple of years. The next step was moving into big acquisitions.

Going through a series of purchases without a roadmap and an agile SAP provider is an almost impossible task. Integrating all the data from each new subsidiary is important. This process can be quite time-consuming without an efficient solution and without proper training on the best practice to apply it. Indeed, to have a unified vision of the bigger picture, data flows must be consistent, accurate, and in real time.

After a series of acquisitions, HH Global was able to complete one of its Inner Workings during the pandemic, in October 2020. Around the spring of 2021, they acquired Adair, International LTD. And in September 2021, more additions to the group followed.

Increasing your turnover five-fold as a business comes with other massive transformations that need to occur for the business to continue functioning properly and on track. That's a continuous challenge that every expanding multinational corporation is facing. And with all of these challenges, the main two pillars of the business have become the internal team and be one solutions, working together and making sure that there is always a clear roadmap and delivery of the systems with the support of SAP.

What Was The Biggest Challenge in a Changing Environment?

The initial problem of HH Global was a non-proactive partner a few years back, that didn’t help them go through implementations properly. Transforming one business and ordering warehousing, inventory valuation, management, finances, and accounting in one platform or a few connected ones is a hard task, especially when you lack much-needed support.

Imagine interlinking four companies while transforming and rationalizing them on the same system. This becomes a massive project that could take years without the help of the right SAP provider.

More often than not, multinational corporations like HH Global need additional functionalities to those in the chosen system. This may be due to industry-specific requirements or internal strategic decisions. But that doesn’t scare them since be one solutions offers implementation of customizable features in order to help the business operate better.

Disconnected Systems Lead to More Problems

Seeing a fragmented business in terms of landscape with disconnected financial systems and failed integrations leads to an insurmountable amount of manual labor to connect the dots and create proper reporting. Inaccurate documents, failed file generation, and ineffective, repetitive manual labor are just some of the issues that would arise on a global scale within a corporation if these issues are not resolved.

When time is crucial, so is 24/7 global support. be one solutions offers exactly that - localized teams in close time zones to yours, in more than 18 languages who are ready to help right away.



Final Words

With the help of be one solutions, SAP Business One was successfully integrated with HH Global’s in-house systems in order to aid multiple acquisitions and avoid the future transformation and refitting of multiple systems.

Data management and reporting are key to making the right business decisions in real time in a changing environment. A failed SAP integration could cost a company millions of dollars in opportunity costs. Reach out to find out which product is the best for your needs.



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