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As 2021 advance between the paths of business restart and digital transformation, be one solutions chose to take step toward dynamizing its operations in the Nordic region. With an entity in Sweden opened in 2017, the company made itself visible on the local ERP market thanks to its long-standing partnership with SAP, and key successes such as Velux. Combining great products, like SAP Business One and SAP S/HANA Cloud, and our unique 2-Tier expertise has been our winning ticket in numerous cases, and it will be once more in the Nordics.

Dedication to Growing Our Business in the Nordic

be one solutions has been a 2-tier specialist for over 13 years and has developed its own proven and breveted methodology. Each year we resolve issues and help our multinational consumers through their daily challenges, paying attention to details and proposing result-oriented solutions which will answer their specific needs. Being global allows us to support large enterprises all over the world and gives them the opportunity of having one single point of contact who develops their tailored template and roll it out in all their subsidiaries.

The time has now come to strengthen our activities in Northern Europe and expand this expertise all across the Nordic region. Indeed, in order to make our global coverage vision stronger, this market is key. Hence, we are welcoming this spring a talented expert who will lead these countries toward great achievements. A local team will join him quickly, representing all the flags and cultures of this rich place.

Bringing in the Team an Experienced SAP Player to Strengthen Our Local Expertise in the Nordic: Benny Mastrup

Located in Denmark, just outside of Copenhagen, Benny Mastrup was for more than the past decade the CEO and one of the owners of a local SAP dealer, ACOMI. Benny shared:

15 years ago, I started ACOMI with a pure focus on ECC, or what is today known as S/4HANA. We were not selling licenses; we were only selling the service in Denmark. In 2015, we expanded our implementation expertise to SAP Business One; in short, I am familiar with this offering and this market. Yet, the situation in be one solutions is very different than what I did before, not only the targets are large enterprises and international companies, but also implementation is optimized with ERPs actually fitting just right their subsidiary’s needs.  

An Enhanced Collaboration in Sight With SAP Nordics

The segment of large enterprises and multinational companies in the Nordic is not as wide as in other regions of the world. Benny develops:

There is not a lot of possible customers, and that is a favourable circumstance for us to work with the local SAP team. This collaboration is the best course of action to stimulate lead generation and 2-tier awareness in this niche market. Positioning SAP Business One as an alternative choice for S/4HANA Cloud is key, as the talks have been evolving around the successor of SAP ECC for quite some time now, and all lights are on the star product of the company. This smaller, scalable ERP even slips SAP minds most of the time.

Introducing S/4HANA Cloud to Our European Market While Staying True to Our 2-Tier Approach

SAP S/4HANA Cloud is solution our task force team in Americas is very familiar with. Indeed, we have been growing our expertise in the region since 2018, with a focus on the USA. However, SAP has clearly stated that S/4HANA Cloud is the future moving forward, on a global level. Consequently, next year our specialised team will have a European branch, and our local services will evolve to offer to the market the opportunity to rise with S/4HANA Cloud. Benny Mastrup told us:

I see more opportunities in Denmark for SAP Business One, as the field is full of small and mid-size subsidiaries; whereas in Sweden, large enterprises are most common and most of them already have SAP ECC installed. There the objective will be to support them through their transition, and implement best practices along the way

Undeniably, there is a space big enough for be one solutions to make a break and impose itself as the evident choice when it comes to moving from SAP’s old technology to S/4HANA Cloud. Benny describes:

There is a big difference between getting a new customer based on S/4HANA Cloud, where it's a greenfield, and customers going from ECC to S/4HANA Cloud. That migration is actually quite a different story because it requires different skills from our consultants to be able to deliver that kind of services. Because starting from scratch is far easier than moving from the old to the new one

In other word that type of migration requires a high level of insights and ingenuity. Hopefully, this is one of our consultant strong suit.

To conclude, with a new leader joining the team in the Nordics, be one solutions is taking a new step to position itself as the single point of truth for customers in the region for both their 2-tier and migration needs. Stay tuned for more hot news about our local and global activities!

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