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Discover how the be one Intercompany Solution (ICS) can help you improve collaboration, data exchange, and coordination within your corporate group. This powerful software, fully compatible with SAP Business One, offers a range of features to optimize your daily business operations across different areas. Whether you need to simplify intercompany transactions, collaborate in real time, or enhance efficiency and transparency, be one ICS has you covered. Find out more about its main functions and advantages for your business. Contact us for personalized advice on implementing be one ICS and improving collaboration within your company— our experts are here to guide you without any obligation.

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    The be one Intercompany Solution (ICS) is a powerful software designed to effortlessly enhance collaboration, data exchange, and coordination across various processes and databases. This versatile tool seamlessly integrates with SAP Business One, optimizing daily business processes to meet the requirements of corporate groups in areas such as finance, controlling, materials management, business partners, procurement, and sales. Its primary function? The effective management and reconciliation of transactions and data across different business units within a corporate group.

    In a corporate group, many subsidiaries and branches often collaborate on projects and exchange goods and services. Our be one Intercompany Solution ensures that all these transactions are captured, documented, and reconciled. This dual benefit not only provides an accurate picture of the financial interconnections between companies but also streamlines the process, reducing the need for paper documents such as orders and invoices.

    Let's take a closer look at the key components of this solution:

    1. Intercompany Transactions

      Simplify business interactions between corporate entities, including sales, purchases, services, and other transactions. This encompasses everything from order placement to invoicing, making the management of customer and supplier accounts easy.

    2. Intercompany Elimination

      be one ICS automates the process of eliminating transactions between companies, ensuring transparent financial reports that accurately reflect the group's performance. This function helps avoid double-counting of gains or losses, leading to more accurate financial reporting.

    3. Intercompany Consolidation

      Streamline the consolidation of revenue data and results of individual companies within a corporate group. This provides a comprehensive overview of total revenue, costs, and profit, allowing companies to gain insight into the overall performance of the group and make informed decisions accordingly.

    4. Intercompany Reporting

      Robust reporting features for analyzing and monitoring intercompany transactions and results. From financial reports to revenue analyses and performance indicators, maintain control. These reports are crucial for making data-driven decisions and ensuring the smooth operation of the group.

    5. Automated Data Exchange

      In the age of digitization, efficient data exchange is crucial. The be one Intercompany Solution enables seamless data exchange between different areas within a corporate group. This not only eliminates tedious manual data entry but also reduces error susceptibility. It ensures that all relevant parties have access to the latest information, contributing to better decision-making.

    6. Real-time Collaboration

      Collaboration between group companies is crucial for successful project management and overall efficiency. This software enables real-time collaboration, making it easy for teams from different companies to collaborate, exchange information, and monitor project progress. It strengthens the sense of cohesion within the group, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

    7. Scalability and Customization

      The be one Intercompany Solution covers a wide range of functions, organizing and synchronizing databases to facilitate collaboration and data exchange between corporate entities. Developed with great care by be one solutions experts, this solution is tailored to meet our customers' requirements and successfully implemented in their businesses. It offers the flexibility to adapt the solution gradually in various phases from the beginning, allowing for subsequent modifications. This adaptability ensures that the solution grows with your business and can accommodate all changes and advancements in your corporate group.

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    The be one Intercompany Solution is an all-encompassing software designed for the specific challenges of corporate groups. It simplifies processes, fosters collaboration, and guarantees accurate capture and reporting of financial data. Equipped with automation features, real-time capabilities, and customization options, it is a powerful tool for any company looking to enhance efficiency and achieve more control and transparency in its intercompany transactions. Seize the opportunities this solution can offer your business and take a step toward a leaner and more efficient future.

    Interested in learning more about be one ICS? Contact us. We are happy to advise you on whether this solution is suitable for you and provide more information on how be one Intercompany Solution (ICS) can enhance collaboration in your company. Completely obligation-free, we are here to guide and support you.


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