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Industry 4.0 refers to the fourth technological revolution which has paved the way for the integration of technology into more or less every aspect of business. Companies are constantly looking for new ways to implement innovative digital practices, technologies and cloud-based solutions to outcompete other organizations in their niche.

Intelligent approaches to the automotive industry are common these days, and many companies are implementing SAP S/4 HANA and SAP cloud solutions to enable more effective operational management. Read on to learn more about the many benefits of this software for companies in the automotive industry.

Challenges of the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is facing one of the most significant post-industrial revolution technological disruptions at present. The advent of new and innovative technologies like real-time computing, autonomous driving, and machine learning have left many manufacturers and suppliers scrambling to catch up.

Customers’ expectations for modern vehicles are changing rapidly. This means that many manufacturers now need to integrate technological changes to their hardware, software and business practices to remain competitive.

Thankfully, SAP has been investing significant sums in innovative approaches to meet the requirements of automotive suppliers. Industry-specific, fully integrated cloud-based SAP and SAP S/4 HANA solutions are being released to help suppliers react to challenges in the industry.

What Is SAP?

Before understanding how our software solutions could benefit your business, we first need to outline what it actually is. SAP stands for systems, applications, and products. SAP is the market leader in ERP solutions which are designed to help streamline many day-to-day business operations and processes.

These solutions facilitate the effective processing of data and the flow of information across businesses. This, paired with innovative technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), supports businesses to process enormous data sets faster and more efficiently.

SAP can be applied to almost any facet of businesses across various industries. It is a hugely beneficial tool for managing practically any department in organizations, fundamentally changing many companies’ approaches to business.

It can connect all aspects of an organization to one another, promoting smarter, more efficient business practices.

SAP S/4 HANA in the Automotive Industry

SAP S/4 HANA is an automated solution that allows automotive suppliers to establish connectivity across their operations and manage the compliance of their products. The software is designed on a cutting-edge, in-memory platform to provide a customized and flexible user experience. The in-memory design is critical, as it allows companies to perform insightful analyses in real-time, thus facilitating most operations.

Using internet of things (IoT), vehicles can be monitored in real-time, remotely with these solutions. GPS tracking is commonly used to locate assets in real-time, and intelligent data analysis allows suppliers to manage and refine their manufacturing processes.

Automotive suppliers need to manage scheduling and process releases efficiently if they want to remain competitive. Planning and scheduling are essential in the industry due to practices like just-in-time (JIT) and just-in-sequence (JIS) manufacturing and delivery.

Pairing SAP S/4 HANA and cloud-based solutions in the automotive industry, suppliers and manufacturers can work seamlessly to help meet customers’ needs and react to the challenges associated with the industry.

SAP S/4 HANA is a powerful tool for eliminating inefficiencies in manufacturing and logistics in the industry and can also effectively reduce the risks associated with these processes using worker safety tools.

Additionally, automated supply chains are now a reality thanks to solutions like SAP S/4 HANA and the integration of tracking tools it enables. On top of this, real-time status monitoring using SAP S/4 HANA enables companies to gain unprecedented levels of visibility across the supply chain, helping them to better manage their operations on the whole.

SAP Cloud Solutions in the Automotive Industry

SAP S/4 HANA Cloud is a facet of SAP’s industry cloud solutions. It is revolutionizing the ability of manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive industry to cater to customers’ needs. SAP’s approach to cloud-based ERP solutions is designed to deliver vertical functionality with reduced levels of disruption.

Essentially, the Industry Cloud service provides modular approaches where niche functionalities can be developed that are specific to the industry in question and its requirements.

These cloud-based solutions are proving very valuable to automotive suppliers and manufacturers. Many automotive-specific processes can be facilitated using these solutions. For example, self-billing is an important aspect of the automotive industry. Customers are required to send self-billing invoices saying how much they intend to pay. Suppliers then hold on to the invoice and await the self-billing invoice. Items are then matched with shipping documents and internal invoices.

With the solution self-billing cockpit, these invoices and documents can be quickly matched with little effort and supplier input. This is an excellent example of how cloud-based SAP solutions can help to boost efficiency and productivity across the automotive industry.

How be one solutions Can Help

be one solutions is a global SAP partner specializing in the rollout and integration of SAP ERP solutions for businesses worldwide.  Using the services of be one solutions, companies can benefit from the highly-trained experts located in various locations across the world.

be one solutions provide automotive industry-specific packages that help to automate many processes in the automotive wholesale niche. These packages include the implementation of SAP S/4 HANA and cloud-based SAP software to increase efficiency and eliminate human error.

With the host of solutions specifically tailored to this industry, and the comprehensive post-go-live support, be one solutions provides a complete package that is integrated with SAP. As such, organizations can target requirements specific to their industry, enhance their business processes and improve their strategic decision making through monitoring and data analysis.

be one solutions is one of the leading SAP partners with a wealth of experience working with multinational companies to implement ERP solutions. As a result, the rollout of solutions is seamless and tailored, making the often complex overhaul of business practices more straightforward and effective.

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