At be one solutions, we present advanced and integrated SAP solutions designed to streamline business operations. Among our key offerings is SAP Business One (SAP B1).

Adopting a data-driven approach to operations empowers businesses to identify and address challenges effectively. Leveraging real-time data collection and analysis through SAP can significantly improve order fulfillment and delivery processes, optimize supply chain management to reduce lead times, and contribute to lowering operational costs within your company.

While both SAP B1 and S4 HANA offer powerful solutions that provide platforms for visibility and operational management, it's essential to note that there are some distinctions between the two.


SAP B1 is a fully integrated ERP solution designed to improve the productivity of medium-sized organizations and subsidiaries.

This is a single, centralized system you can use to automate business operations or to visualize analytics in a flexible and easily accessible manner.

The international expertise and operations of be one solutions provide a fully integrated business management solution regardless of the location of your operations.

SAP B1 is a simple yet powerful fully integrated ERP that allows for maximum efficiency and productivity across small and medium-sized subsidiaries worldwide.


S4 HANA is a powerful integrated ERP suited for headquarters and subsidiaries alike.

S4 HANA offers a no-holds-barred analytic and management experience for businesses, supporting industry-specific processes, flexible configuration and real-time profitability analysis and revenue recognition.

With super-fast, close to real-time analytics on operations across an organization and second-to-none computing capabilities, S4 HANA can improve communications, business practices and decision making in large-scale environments.

This integrated SAP is perfectly suited for the operations of large businesses, with subsidiaries scattered across the globe. It centralizes the analytics, reporting and operational management of complex entities, allowing efficient and cost-effective solutions to supply chain management.

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