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Every year in March, we celebrate the presence and contribution of all the phenomenal women in our company. This year was no exception. If you’re curious as to what it’s like to be a woman working at be one solutions, keep reading to find out!

As every one of our collaborators is special and unique, so is their experience with us at be one solutions. Nevertheless, they all have one common denominator; we are dedicated to providing them the best environment in which they can grow and flourish. Here’s how. 

A Positive and Enriching Work Environment

According to a survey by sideways 6,39% of women do not feel heard in the workplace, as opposed to 30% of their male counterparts. With the pandemic forcing companies to operate virtually, a whooping 45% of women business leader admit to having great difficulty speaking up during virtual meetings. At be one solutions, not only is 41% of our staff women, with 36% in upper management, we also ensure that every single one of them feels comfortable enough to share their professional opinion et every given point in time, as illustrated by Thais’ experience: 

At be one solutions, I feel that people really listen to me. They are interested in hearing my thoughts and ideas. I think that having such an open dialogue between team members and managers is very important, no matter what our position is.

This of course contributes to a positive, uplifting work environment, one of our foremost goals at be one solutions. 

Before joining the team, Diana admits to being afraid of feeling alone and not supported while working remotely. She admits to being pleasantly surprised as it's been the complete opposite: "I've never felt so important in a company. Everyone is very supportive regardless of time zones, countries, nationalities, ... People care about one another. I felt that since my first day, and four years later I still have the same positive feeling."

For us, diversity is not just a buzzword. This is something that Patricia can attest to, having been hired while 8 months pregnant with her son. Even though she had been going steady in her previous job for 20 years, she welcomed a switch to be one solutions as it meant more time with her kids; attending school meetings, soccer training and then compensating for the hours later. 

It is my first job working remotely and it has been a very good experience because it allows me to be more available for my kids, compared to a regular job. This is the big advantage of working at be one solutions. There are many, of course, I like the interaction of knowing people from other countries...

For Silvia, the multicultural aspect of working at be one solutions is one of the reasons she finds her experience so enriching. For her, working with various customers and team members from different countries is a great environment to evolve in. 

In Your Wellbeing We Trust

At be one solutions, remote work is the rule and not the exception. This opens up a world of possibilities. For Thais, who has been working 100% remotely with be one solutions for the past 6 years, this means skipping long commute hours which are then dedicated to doing what she truly loves!  

As she puts it: “It’s so comfortable: I set my own timetable so I can wake up early and go to the gym to exercise. I then head home to freshen up and begin work at nine. On some evenings, I take Pilates classes after work. On top of that, I can walk my dog 20 to 30 minutes, twice a day. Exercising, as well as an hour of quality time with my pet helps me keep in shape – mentally and physically.”   

Here at be one solutions, we trust our resources to deliver their very best. Hence, we focus on providing a flexible environment that allows each team member to work at their optimal rhythm, thus promoting their personal wellbeing.  

Wellbeing means something different to each person. For Patricia and Steffi, it means being able to spend quality time with their kids. For Silvia, it means being able to attend to an urgent personal matter scheduled within work hours, with the possibility of catching up on work later. All this is possible without having to fill in a daunting amount of administrative paperwork, as Diana perfectly puts it: 

When working for international customers, I sometimes need to adapt to their hours. Despite that, it is much more flexible than the last 10 years before be one solutions. I can take off 2 hours in my day without starting an endless paper trail and compensate later on. That's really great. I make my own schedule and I’m better focused on being responsible and delivering great quality.

At be one solutions, we believe firmly that establishing trusting relationships with our collaborators is the first and most important step of the journey towards excellence.  

For Diana, working at be one solutions was her first fully remote job. Prior to this, despite working remotely on projects, in Singapore for example, she was required to be in the office at all times, from 9 to 5. Now, with a steady Wi-Fi connection, she can work from wherever she wants! From Lisbon, to Azores to see her family, to anywhere in the world, working at be one solutions means Diana can comfortably explore her love for travel and adventure! 

We See You, We Hear You, We Appreciate You

At be one solutions, we insist on delivering the very best, not just to our customers but also to our collaborators. Passion is at the center of every project we embark on and the beating heart of this passion is our formidable team.  

According to a study by BambooHR, only 43% of women receive recognition for their efforts in the workplace, as opposed to 50% of their male counterparts. At be one solutions, not only are we dedicated to building and nurturing a diverse and inclusive team, we also aim to recognize and reward the outstanding performance of every team member, irrespective of their gender. 

In 2020, Diana received the Outstanding Achievement Award. This award was very important to her as it showed her team’s and the company’s recognition for her work. She felt seen, heard, and comfortable, and is very proud of herself to this day, stating that:  “Often, when a company grows, it is easy to feel like a number. That's absolutely not the case at be one solutions.” 

For Steffi, our management’s recognition of her professional skills led to a lifechanging career development. Despite majoring in Finance and accounting, after 2 years of practice, Steffi fell in love with the SAP universe and became a consultant. After 5 years in this space filled with thrilling challenges, Steffi became a mother and her priorities shifted. Working at be one solutions allowed her to reinvent herself as well as rekindle an old passion. 

“As a consultant, you have to follow the client's schedule. Whereas in finance, you work on projects from a different perspective. I have more flexibility and working from home adds an additional layer which helps me a lot. So, even if my heart broke a little bit when I left consulting, I think moving to finance is still one of the best decisions I’ve made in order to balance my career.” 

Being provided this internal mobility meant that Steffi could be there for her child, all while growing professionally. She is very thankful for this opportunity and feels like a valued member of the team, stating:  

“I am thankful for the opportunity that was given to me by Uzi and Dolly to evolve within be one solutions, following the needs of my personal life. Instead of searching externally right away, they recognized my personal needs, my skills and my professional background and came to me with a generous offer. They also gave me enough time to think and take my decision. Being a 100% hands-on mom to my baby has enabled me witness his everyday milestones.” 

Are you an SAP Consultant ready for a career change? If not, are you interested in working with our talented SAP implementation experts? Learn more about our values to see if they align with yours! 

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