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As part of our continuous growth strategy, be one solutions took another significant step towards global expansion, established our newest entity in South Korea. This is an important move as it represents our dedication to give the best ERP implementation services on a global scale. It reflects our unwavering commitment to our multinational clientele.

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Look no further, you've found be one solutions, the SAP partner for you. We help you design, deploy and support your SAP Business One solution, the ERP software for SMEs and large group subsidiaries.

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    Why South Korea?

    South Korea's dynamic economy, technological advancements, and vibrant business landscape make it an ideal destination for expanding our global footprint. In the rapidly changing business environment, the needs and priorities of South Korean businesses are evolving to stay competitive. The businesses are increasingly embracing cloud adoption, emphasizing industry-specific solutions, ensuring compliance with regulations and data security measures, and expressing a growing demand for analytics solutions.

    By establishing a presence in this market, we aim to support local subsidiaries of multinational corporations to streamline their operations, enhance productivity and achieve sustainable growth. Not only that, our entry into the South Korean market is also driven by a dedication to providing cost-efficient solutions which is SAP Business One that integrate seamlessly between subsidiaries and headquarters. We understand the importance of transparency in processes and are committed to helping organizations in South Korea to create new value through our expertise in ERP.

    Global Support, Local Expertise  

    Being a global SAP partner with over 15 years of implementation experience in more than 60 countries, we recognize the importance of having a local team to support businesses effectively. Understanding local regulations, communicating effectively in the native language, and providing on-site support are essential components of delivering tailored solutions to the specific needs of our clients. With our team based in South Korea, we are not only able to address unique challenges and provide timely support but also to lead success in the local market.

    Each SAP Business One system implementation was successful. This accomplishment was made possible through the amazing support and collaboration from our global team members from Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Hongkong, and Portugal.

    Our senior consultant, Judy Jeong shared that “Since I joined be one solutions last year, I've had the opportunity to contribute to four significant global projects with local implementation in South Korea. Despite the challenges of managing multiple projects with similar Go-live schedules within a tight 5-6 months' timeframe, especially when onsite support was crucial, I'm proud to say that each SAP Business One system implementation was successful. This accomplishment was made possible through the amazing support and collaboration from our global team members from Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Hongkong, and Portugal.”

    Our team comprises over 100 extensively trained and highly skilled professionals, strategically positioned across the globe. We specialize in global SAP rollouts, encompassing every stage from template creation and pilot phases to development and round-the-clock post-go-live support. Our services are available in a multitude of languages including Arabic, Chinese, Czech, English, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish, Thai, and Vietnamese.


    This expansion is not just a standalone effort; it is part of our broader vision to strengthen our presence across the globe. With operations spanning 21 legal entities, including 12 entities in the vibrant Asia region, we are solidifying our position as a global leader in ERP implementation. Amidst the prospering landscape of South Korea, multinational corporations find ample opportunities to thrive and create value. Our global team at be one solutions is always ready and prepared to assist in realizing these opportunities. Reach out to us today to explore your next rollout, whether it's within South Korea or beyond.

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