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Choosing the right SAP Provider is paramount to properly integrating the solution that best fit your needs with your in-house systems in a good timeframe. In a previous article, we shared how be one solutions Helped HH Global Set Up SAP B1 Integration.

We will find out the next steps after a successful SAP integration has taken place for a multinational corporation and why a partnership with a good SAP Provider like be one solutions is of utmost importance for the development of a company.

HH Global’s Issues Before a Proper Integration

The leaders of HH Global stressed the importance of getting the right partner. Surely choosing an excellent SAP solution will help, but if not implemented correctly, you will not get the full outcome – and you will lose time and money along the way.

Before be one solutions proceeded with a successful integration, a large percentage of the generated documents failed. Moreover, many people were obliged to go through documents each day and do manual work that could be automated.

HH Global’s management team reported that their previous SAP Provider wasn’t proactively auditing whether the integrations set in place were working or needed fixing. That was a clear issue, as an SAP partner is supposed to support and help customers thrive. Doing things halfway break the trust built in this relationship, but also isn’t up to the high standards behind the solutions proposed by SAP.


HH Global’s Future Plans

After be one solutions helped achieve an outstanding rollout of SAP B1 with HH Global in-house built reporting systems, a clear picture backed by reliable data was formed. They decided not to use SAP as a full ERP and instead aimed to successfully set up integrations with reporting systems, warehousing, sales, and order processes. All the planned integrations were completed in less than a year.

Now, HH Global plans to look into inventory management and inventory valuation to be able to get every aspect of their business rationalized down to the smallest piece of inventory.

Since the organization is large and operates globally, a roadmap of planned acquisitions was shared with be one solutions to be on the same page about future integrations.

HH Global shared that one of the main reasons they want to stick with be one solutions in the future is the fact that they no longer consider themselves partners but an integral part of the team. This is owed mainly because whenever something is missing, development is always proposed on be one solutions’ part instead of going around difficult tasks that require planning and dev.

HH Global shared that one of the main reasons they want to stick with be one solutions in the future is the fact that they no longer consider themselves partners but an integral part of the team.

HH Global’s Business Advice to Companies in Search of The Right Match

Corporations that don’t have real-time access to the right data reporting usually see investments of millions moving without figuring out the key milestones and main drivers of leadership decisions.

HH Global was initially concerned about whether SAP B1 will still be the right solution for them when their growth accelerates. They needed an external ERP solution that could integrate with practically anything. The most important things are an architecture design that fits the needs and plans of your business organization, and a partner that will help you achieve such a design and implement it seamlessly with your already established systems.

SAP spends over 5 billion euros for research and development per year and has developed over 3000 products, which could potentially be the best for your business.

Final Words

Choosing the right SAP solution is important, but doing so often comes secondary to starting a partnership with the right provider. More often than not, clients come to a provider with a certain product in mind and discover that, in fact, their business needs something else.

The proper integration of multiple systems with an external ERP is not an easy task. The right architectural design and roadmap need to occur, and both the organization and the SAP implementation experts need to be on the same page.

Reach out to be one solutions for more information on what might be the best product for your business.

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