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There are many mistakes a company could make while choosing an SAP provider and product, some of which could cost the company more than just the payment and time invested in the integration.

An SAP product must be chosen based on company goals to properly set up the data flows in the four core SAP modules: Material Management, Finance, Controlling, and Quality Management. Many other modules can be used if the SAP solution serves as a full ERP for the company.


The Most Common Mistakes When Choosing an SAP Product or Provider

The first and most common mistake is to choose a product or provider without having a clear goal in mind. Having a clear picture in your head, and better, in written terms of which modules you’re going to need.

Underestimating The Importance of the SAP Provider

A more time-efficient way of researching what you need is to examine an SAP provider and then consult them to find out which product is the best for your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact multiple providers to get a better feel.

The level of technical assistance you will receive from the provider is just as important as the software itself. If the vendor doesn’t provide support post-implementation, be advised to consider another vendor because any business needs support. For instance, be one solutions ensure global support for over 500+ multinational companies worldwide, in over 18 languages, and will answer any technical question thanks to their wide knowledge of the solutions proposed and their industry experience.

Underestimating The Importance of SAP Training

A good SAP provider would constantly organize webinars and one-to-one or group training where all your questions will be answered. Moreover, an initial training program would be devised for the team responsible for your part of the company and anyone who would be using the software.

Using the SAP solution optimally is paramount, especially for employees that are not as tech-savvy as others. The experts at be one solutions make sure to provide appropriate training for all functionalities of the solution in order to optimize the workflow of your employees. This is part of our breveted global rollout methodology.

Choosing a Provider That Responds Slowly

Pay attention to how long it takes the provider to answer your questions in real time and through emails. If it takes longer, that might mean they are overwhelmed or need time to research to come up with a meaningful answer. Both of these are not good sign.

A fast response is paramount, especially in a rapidly changing external environment, but overall, the keyword is communication. It should be at the center of every relationship, partner-customer one included.



How To Choose The Right SAP Provider?

The right SAP provider, aside from technical expertise and a proven track record, needs to be able to guarantee availability since no large corporation can afford downtime.

A good partner would need to start from scratch and deliver the following:

  1. Ensure a reliable SAP landscape is administered, monitored, and managed full-time.
  2. Administer new implementations and security assessments.
  3. Migrating, provisioning, and managing the infrastructural elements.
  4. Provide backup solutions and data recovery.
  5. Audit already existing data flows.

To fulfill these and for the other needs of your organization to fit certain criteria, be advised to always look for providers that match the following qualities:

  • SAP Certified. The implementation and education of SAP solutions require advanced and expert technical knowledge. All team members of the provider must be trained and qualified. be one solutions is an SAP Gold Partner, which means the level of strategic business consulting, system design, project implementations, and integrations of SAP solutions are at the highest levels.
  • Industry-specific support. They must be able to fulfill the industry-specific needs of your company. You can find out if a partner is knowledgeable about your industry best practices if they have industry-focused solutions, or through the case studies displayed on their websites.
  • Always provide support. The right provider not only works on the integration of an SAP solution with your company but should also be responsible for the technical support post–factum. be one solutions offer 24/7 support on 5 continents.
  • Customizable features & development. SAP has developed over 3000 products, but there can sometimes be a small feature missing, especially with large corporations. A good provider could develop that for you. At be one solutions you can always request a custom feature for your business.


Finding the right SAP product for your business starts with selecting a great partner that will guide you during the process. Make sure they have a proven record of excellence alongside the needed certificates.

Feel free to reach out for a free consultation with SAP implementation experts such as be one solutions, which has all the needed expertise to meet your demands.


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