We are thrilled to announce that be one solutions has successfully completed the strategic acquisition of Inecom, a leading SAP partner renowned for its excellence in Singapore and the Southeast Asia region! This significant milestone marks a pivotal moment in our ERP implementation journey after celebrating our 15th anniversary in Phuket last year. Being the global SAP rollout expert, this acquisition is far more than a mere business transaction; it represents a carefully considered strategic decision aimed at enhancing the value we deliver to our clients, both locally and globally.

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    Inecom Joins be one solutions: A Strategic Alignment for Delivering Excellence and Value to Our Clients Worldwide

    At the core of our decision was our thorough understanding of Inecom’s exceptional quality, attention to detail and, of course, the customer-centric approach. As we continue to enhance these aspects, we shall also leverage our global presence and expertise in local, regional and global project rollout. Not only that, but it also applies to our extended services such as Cloud Hosting, BI Analytics and various other industry specific add-ons which are intercompany solution, warehouse management system, dealer management system and manufacturing suite that helps organizations to further optimizing their operational efficiency. Just as importantly, we also provide round-the-clock post go-live support in approximately 20 languages.

    be one solutions operates with 21 legal entities spanning four continents, notably encompassing 12 entities located in the dynamic Asia region, includes Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Japan and South Korea.  We are uniquely positioned to further enhance operational efficiency, facilitate global expansions, and continue delivering top-quality services to our clients worldwide. Meanwhile, we are excited about the possibilities that this strategic alignment presents, and we are dedicated to working closely with our clients to address their pain points, understand their requirements and provide tailored solutions that drive success. This acquisition is not just about expanding our global footprint; it is about deepening our commitment to excellence and delivering value to our clients at every touchpoint.

    Our ultimate satisfaction is enabling our satisfied clients to share their firsthand experiences after a successful project rollout. Nothing brings us greater joy than witnessing their business success and the growth of our customers. Selecting the appropriate SAP provider is crucial for effectively integrating a solution like SAP Business One that aligns with your requirements and within a reasonable timeframe.


    In conclusion, the successful acquisition of Inecom by be one solutions signals our global leadership in SAP ERP implementation industry. This move is driven by our commitment and passion to enhance the success of our clients, especially in Asia. With a focus on quality and a shared commitment, we believe that we are stronger together and we look forward to unlocking more new opportunities. Certainly, our commitment to client satisfaction remains unwavering as we embark on our path to the future!


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