In the dynamic landscape of business, taxation is a cornerstone of a nation's financial system. It plays a crucial role in shaping the social contract between citizens and the national economy. In the 2022 Budget, the Minister of Finance in Singapore revealed that the GST (Goods and Services Tax) rate would undergo a two-step increment. The first adjustment was from 7% to 8% started on January 1, 2023. The second increment will be rising from 8% to 9% commencing on January 1, 2024. For businesses operating in Singapore, it is essential to understand the tax changes and to stay compliant with tax regulations for smooth operations.

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    Strategic Preparation for the Imminent GST Increase

    As we stand just a few weeks away from the final round of the GST increase implementation, it's a critical juncture for businesses to reassess their systems and ensure compliance. The failure to factor in the correct GST rate can be severe, ranging from financial penalties to operational disruptions. Anticipating and being prepared for the GST rate change can prevent additional compliance costs and interruption to business. Organizations are urged to take immediate action to navigate these changes seamlessly. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and retail management system, such as point-of-sale solutions, enable the business digitalization, adhere to record-keeping and fulfill other tax responsibilities.

    How SAP Business One assists in the Goods and Services Tax rate change

    SAP Business One is a simple yet comprehensive ERP software capable of handling dynamic tax environments. SAP Business One is ideal for medium-sized and large enterprises with subsidiaries aboard. Within SAP Business One, the core features of the Accounting and Financial module - Accounting, Controlling, Banking and Reconciliation, Financial reporting and analysis - help companies enhance profit margins, minimize errors, and provide real-time information for decision-making through a comprehensive suite of tools designed for efficient financial operations.

    In addition, SAP Business One is a PEPPOL-ready solution. Businesses can make transactions through the InvoiceNow network and complete the financial processes within a shorter period of time. Streamlining financial processes accelerates payment cycles and enhances cash flow, a critical factor for business expansion. Organizations that are interested and seeking to implement an ERP system with accounting module can apply for the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG).

    Preparing Goods and Services Tax rate change in SAP Business One

    Organizations are encouraged to ensure their financial systems used in the daily operations are updated to incorporate the new Goods and Services Tax rate. While some systems are straightforward and can be updated by the in-house IT department, others are more complex, and it is advisable to reach out to the system’s partner for guidance. Apart from updating the system to align with the new GST rate, it is also crucial to upgrade your system to ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards. Upgrade process carries the risk of errors, requires customization to align with specific business needs and it may include changes related to compliance with industry regulations and standards.

    With the latest version of SAP Business One, the upgraded features and expanded functionalities are beneficial for organizations, helping improve the efficiency and effectiveness of financial processes. Not only that, but newer version also helps to safeguard financial data and ensures the organization remains compliant with financial and accounting regulations. Staying up-to-date with technology advancements is essential for maintaining security and optimizing the overall business performance.


    As Singapore undergoes Goods and Services Tax rate change, businesses must comply with the tax regulation to avoid penalties and operational disruption. In this digitalization era, organizations are encouraged to reassess their systems and digitalize their businesses with tools like SAP Business One. The decision to implement ERP software becomes crucial in the fast-paced business environment. We strongly recommend organizations partner with a global SAP partner like be one solutions to ensure a seamless implementation. Besides project implementation, we also possess an experienced support team to provide the best expertise, on-site or remote post-go-live support around the globe. Get in touch with our team for more details today!


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