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SAP HANA is an in-memory database designed for big data. It is unique in performance and capabilities. Taking advantage of the most recent hardware capabilities, it allows simultaneous transactional and analytic workloads with incredible performance (OLTP+OLAP).


OLTP OLAP Business


Online transactional processing (OLTP) is a database system for performing real-time execution of large numbers of transactions. OLTP systems are behind most of financial systems and SAP is no exception.


Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) is a system for performing multi-dimensional analysis over existing data. It allows data mining, business intelligence and complex analytical calculations, as well business reporting functions like financial analysis, budgeting and sales forecasting. SAP HANA uniquely allows to run OLAP queries with the best performance, over the same transactional data not requiring any ETL process.

In memory database

Storing and accessing data directly in memory compared to disks is a magnitude faster. Modern compute power advances is an enabler for such technology and SAP HANA takes full advantage of it.

How fast is SAP HANA?

The performance of HANA derives is from the fact that it runs massively parallel and in memory. Some facts:

  • 3600x faster than a traditional disk first database
  • <1s response time
  • It can complete 3.5 billion scans /sec /core
  • 12.5 to 15 million aggregations /sec /core
column oriented database engine

How be one solutions can help

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be one solutions global rollout experts help to enhance operational efficiency and real-time visibility into critical business information for multi-national clients with SAP.

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Column oriented database

Traditional databases store the data row by row, requiring complex internal mechanics and indexes to allow fast queries to be performed on the data. While a query on a traditional row-oriented data base has to scan several rows of stored data before finding the data that matches the query, column oriented databases are more efficient because once the column containing the data has been found, the corresponding row values may directly be obtained, avoiding to read a lot of non-matching data and therefore lowering the overall access time. The query is optimized to scan only the necessary columns instead of scanning rows and rows of data.

The SAP HANA database was designed from scratch to take advantage of the column store design, while keeping the all the benefits of the typical row store design. The result is an amazing database system that is perfectly suited for the most demanding usages delivering unmatched performance.

Top benefits to use SAP HANA

  • Integrated solution of OLAP and OLTP in a single system
  • Fast: unmatched speed compared to traditional databases engines
  • Scalable: can easily store petabytes of data
  • Flexible: public or private cloud, multi-cloud, on premise or hybrid scenario's
  • Smart: Integrate built-in machine learning capabilities
  • Secure: Integrate advanced data security feature

Business application: SAP S/4HANA Cloud and SAP Business One

Just as great car engines can't do anything without the vehicle, SAP HANA won't do anything on its own.

That's why SAP uses as the foundation for main business products like SAP S/4HANA Cloud and SAP Business One Version for HANA.

If you want to learn more about the suite of applications to support the business processes, procurement for example, sales order management, warehouse management, finance management and HR, contact be one solutions.


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