be one solutions SAP implementation experts help multinational companies in making the right and viable choices that will best suits their needs. In this 5th episode, they give an overview into the two-tier ERP strategy within a global company. The subsidiaries can use a less resource-intensive, flexible and faster to deploy tier-2 ERP software, SAP Business One or SAP S/4HANA Cloud, which is easy to implement and cost-effective and built to handle their day-to-day needs.

At the headquarter, the ERP will enable users to manage critical business functions required to operate a large business entity.

The idea of having SAP Business One and S/4HANA Cloud as a 2-tier option is to give our clients the option to choose whatever fits their current needs and long-term strategy. Focusing on the design, strategic roadmap, business requirements and local business practices will lead to design the ultimate 2-tier architecture - João Sá Rodrigues (Country Manager UK at be one solutions)

With a two-tier ERP strategy, information can automatically flows between the one and 2-tier ERPs. Even though on-premise solutions are sometimes needed for some customer rollout, many new deployments are done in the cloud. Those deployments are full-featured and give as well the possibility to build business-specific extensions. SAP supports various levels of scalability as those new extensions built on SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) are easily integrated with SAP Business One and S/4HANA Cloud solutions.


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