Which steps should a private equity or an M&A team take to optimize acquisitions? How SAP and be one solutions, the global SAP implementation specialist, can support those organizations through this process?

An acquisition project may pursue different objectives such as sales synergies, cost optimization or targeting new markets. Enabling value creation is in the center of every M&A processes, the main challenges being: how to steer the company or entity you are buying through a transition of rapid performance improvement and how to manage talent in a way that best aligns with current and future business demands.

Giant ERP provider SAP and be one solutions are known for their global perspective on rollouts for multinationals companies with subsidiaries in various countries and their experience with global, regional and domestic legislations. In this webinar, Mario Rui Candido, Regional Director Americas at be one solutions Americas Inc. chats with João Sá Rodrigues, Country Manager United Kingdom at be one solutions UK Ldt., Ronald Keusch, Director of Private Equity Midmarket and Strategic Initiatives at SAP, and very special guests Sarp Sagnak and Lonnie Wiliams, key ERP references from our dear customer CPM. They share their unique, first-hand IT insights on which resources to bring in during merge and acquisition deals or working with private equity funds that act globally or locally. At be one solutions, we think that having a customer with the right business partner and the correct software company can really accelerate the whole process, and SAP ERP solutions are supporting this growth acceleration. With one single standard solution able to grow with PE-owned companies and to enable the in-house ERP team to support all local legislations and localizations that need covering.


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