One of the main reasons for which businesses are heading toward the journey of digital transformation is to increase their bottom line by reducing cost and improving efficiency in the organization. While sourcing for different cutting-edge technologies to help with this transition, consistency is one of the keys in achieving goals. Being steady within an organization is crucial for efficiency enhancement. No matter if you consider a startup, the medical, manufacturing or automotive industry, it is always imperative to be consistent in each area of a business because it synergizes works, allows measurability and improves customer relationships.

On the contrary, inconsistence in business management has a huge negative impact. It does not just dangerously affect the customer journey and causes poor customer experience but it also creates miscommunication between internal departments. This often leads to customer dissatisfaction, employee frustration and a decline in sales. Having said that, there are solutions to every problem. For instance, an easily managed business planning software with aligned master data across the entire organization will be a perfect solution for most of the global companies.

Benefits of Having a Templated 2-Tier ERP Strategy

Many international companies experience challenges like communication problems, loss of control, compromised productivity and quality due to the lack of planning while driving business growth. This uncertainty and inconsistency put the business at risk. However, there are ways to tackle these problems. When there's a will, there's a way! While focusing on business expansion, a secret ingredient that helps multinational organizations to run the company globally, and empowers regional subsidiaries, is a business management software with a templated 2-tier architecture (also known as templated 2-tier Enterprise Resource Planning software). By equipping the organization with this kind of system, such as SAP Business One and S/4HANA Cloud, everything becomes easy to manage. It provides insightful data for the management and the team which enables better resource planning and subsequently, profit growth.
In today’s world, several multinational companies have decided to advance with a template-based 2-tier ERP system as part of their global strategy, because they believe that the ROI will be higher than the initial investment cost. Simply because the constant template that they are using across all continents improves effective communication between departments, entities, regions and headquarters.
Master database is playing a vital role here. It saves employees’ time by just uploading data once to the system instead of repeatedly keying in the same information on different files for different teams’ requirements. By referring to the master database, everyone in the organization is looking at the same information such as product code, quantity, unit cost and other details. With that, it makes all the work more convenient. Not only that, an ERP system with consistent template provides crystal clear insights to all hence management are able to forecast and plan the necessary.


Benefits of Having a Global Partner

All in all, being consistent in every aspect of the business is still a very important element to effectively increase overall efficiency. ERP system can be unproductive if a company does not implement it carefully. Prior to the consistency in the system, having a global partner who is able to assist the organization to deploy the system to all the subsidiaries in different regions consistently is crucial. The purpose of having a single global partner is to be supported by a team of experts who are located all over the world and around the clock without multiway of communication from different local partners which often cause miscommunication. In addition, due to regional differences in time zone, language, compliance, and many other local requirements, partnering with a trustworthy global support team is essential when considering an ERP system rollout partner.

be one solutions is a team of international SAP implementation specialists with ample experience who are also well trained in project management, consulting and post-go live supporting. Hence, be one solutions team is always ready to support globally and locally without time difference and language barrier issue. This is certainly ideal for multinational companies who are searching for a high-quality SAP ERP partner. We always have our customer’s back. Get in touch with our team and improve your business efficiency together with us!

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