More than 50% of all the goods which are transported over the seas are transported by MAN engines.

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Industry Machinery & Components

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Marine propulsion systems, turbomachinery units for the oil & gas and the process industries, reactors and complete power plant solutions

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Augsburg, Germany

600 Services Sales guys at MAN ES asked for this process to have a fast and reliable interface to transfert from the head office of product center system into the local system

Harald Capek, Head of SEAIP at MAN Energy Solutions

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Challenges and opportunities

Deliver One Template All Over the World

  • 80 subsidiaries worldwide.
  • Disparate system landscape across subsidiaries.
  • Manual and paper-based processes created a lack of transparency.
  • Unable to support local systems centrally for greater efficiency.
man energy solutions colleagues in malaysia

WHY SAP AND be one solutions

The Expertise of a Global Consulting Company

  • SAP is a reliable software provider that continuously invests in SAP Business One.
  • With standardized functionality, SAP Business One provides a single solution for local requirements.
  • Can be rapidly deployed across subsidiaries with centralized management and support.
  • be one solutions is a reliable, global partner with highly experienced consultants.
Conteneurs Drewry WCI


A Bridge Between Product Center and Global Organization

  • Deployed to 26 subsidiaries on all 6 continents with further implementations to come.
  • Centralized solution provides consistency and means all management and support costs can be distributed between subsidiaries.
  • Reduced manual work, accelerated quotation and order processes.
  • Improves transparency across the global organization.

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