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Delivering on Our Promise From Right Within the Pearl of the Orient Seas!

Those past weeks had “APAC” written all over it. As a matter of fact we literally just reached home after last week’s successful JSUG Conference in Tokyo, Japan. By the way, we are currently preparing the post-event coverage which will be released in a couple of days. Make sure to check that out! Meanwhile, besides JSUG and all ongoing activities out there, we feel that one specific occasions is definitely worth a share: We’re setting up shop in the Philippines!

Olli Kylanpaa (Regional Director APAC) says:

Once again, we had a GREAT year in APAC, but it truly feels like the cherry to top off 2018, that we recently initiated and confirmed another legal entity opening procedure with our law & accounting firm. It’s official, we’re kicking off the process before the year ends, so that we’ll be operational in the Philippines by March 2019. Of course, lots to do still. For example, I just met with our Philippines team in order to get started on their side as well, in terms of office location, etc. that is. Trust me, we’re all extremely active & motivated and personally, I’m so excited for this move, as this will extend our service reach within the region tremendously!

Bottome line, we’re almost ready for business in the Philippines, another milestone that will emphasize our enormous footprint in APAC. Stay tuned for further updates one this – right here & all over our social media channels!

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