With Decades of Experience in the Metal Forming Sector, Hatebur Optimizes Operational Efficiency to Secure a Global Presence

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Shanghai, China

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Challenges and opportunities

First Steps of a Digital Journey

  • Increase output, and decrease labor investment costs.
  • Control budget, and shorten implementation periods.
  • Meet the demand for manufacturing, all the work of trade and service.
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WHY SAP AND be one solutions

Transformation Drivers

  • be one solutions has a rich experience in implementing SAP Business One. They’re extremely reliable, and they have a global team - in the near future, they will be helping us set up the company in Japan.
  • SAP Business One has a great functional structure and is very logical, their functions not only include all business needs but also there’s no need for expensive custom development.
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Capitalizing on New Tools

  • Increased production rate, and simplified business processes.
  • Effective in controlling budgets, and shortening implementation periods.
  • Helps companies to better manage manufacturing, trade, and other areas of work.
  • Inventory Management.

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