Rapid Improvement of Forecasting, Cost and Governance, Thanks to Successful SAP Business One Roll Out

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Development and Manufacturing of analogue semiconductors

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Tokyo, Japan

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New Management System From the Ground Up

  • ABLIC Corporation became an independent business in 2016, which required them to forgo the previous management system and introduce their own.
  • Governance across the entire group needed to be improved.
  • A new system was required to review and rebuild their data infrastructure globally, in a two-stage implementation plan.
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SAP Business One Delivers Strategic Data, on Time, Every Time

  • SAP Business One could seamlessly link to ABLIC’s order-management system, and support multilingual and multi-currency requirements.
  •  be one solutions have a track record of successful system rollouts and integration all over the world.
  •  be one solutions Japan could liaise with all their international counterparts, so ABLIC could operate smoothly and centrally from Japan.
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 Value-Driven Results

  • Since SAP implementation, overseas accounting data can be generated and analyzed in real-time to support local situations and governance.
  • Data can be shared and exchanged seamlessly between management and staff.
  • Important insights are not only being generated in Japan but overseas too.
  • Operational efficiency has been bolstered and ABLIC has a better cost structure in place.

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