KAO helps enrich the lifestyles of people in Japan, Europe and Latin America

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Import / Commercial representation

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Sale of chemical products targeting the chemical industry

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Sao Paulo, Brasil

Challenges and opportunities

Expanding their business globally

  • Planning difficulties.
  • Coordinating operations between the two countries.
  • Controlling the operation.

WHY SAP AND be one solutions

Implementing SAP ERP for core system

  • KAO was already using SAP for management in Japan, though a more robust version. It made sense to stay with the system, even just for compatibility reasons, even if it was a simpler but effective version.
  • be one solutions offered full support and availability while doing all the alignment and interfacing with our IT in Japan, adapting the needs of the company to the situation in Brazil. The implementation went well and was adjusted to the business as we went through different phases.
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Outstanding support and ability to make proposals

  • Controlling the operation.
  • Process management.
  • Implementation of correct processes.
  • Measurement.
  • Security in results.

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