At be one solutions, We Deliver Global SAP B1 Solutions Across Various Baumer Subsidiaries.

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Sensor technology, encoders, measuring instruments and components for automated image processing

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Frauenfeld, Switzerland

Today, my life regarding SAP Business One is much more relaxed than three or four years ago!

Martin Schnyder, Business Manager at Baumer Group

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Challenges and opportunities

One Solution Does Not Fit All

  • Baumer needed to implement a unified ERP system into their operations, which already heavily relied upon ECC.
  • A single contact was required who could provide local and global support on SAP Business One.
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WHY SAP AND be one solutions

Global, Affordable & Fully Integrate!

  • SAP Business One offered a global second-tier ERP package that could understand taxation and legislation in different countries.
  • be one solutions had a dedicated team of more than 100 senior specialists on SAP Business One.
  • be one solutions was global, yet offered local support 24 hours a day.


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Remarkable Achievements

  • Baumer now has a fully implemented ERP system that provides management with transparency of data and improved efficiency across all departments.
  • Processes have been harmonized with only those created in the head office being utilized.
  • Reporting has been standardized and global project management is now in place.
  • Connecting SAP Business One with warehousing for full integration of orders, sales, and manufacturing is in the pipeline.

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