From Microsoft Excel to SAP Business One, Speeding Up Data Management Processes and Delivering Reliable Reports

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Engineering trading

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Trading in the of industrial electric and electronic equipment, and other devices

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Bangkok, Thailand

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Challenges and opportunities

Japanese Company with Offices Overseas

  • Takebishi previously relied upon manual data entry, which was time-consuming and cumbersome when generating reports.
  • Figures for purchases, shipments, and sales orders were difficult to understand.
  • New software was needed that would allow the team to check management indicators in real time.
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WHY SAP AND be one solutions

4-Month Deadline for the Implementation

  • SAP Business One had already been successfully introduced to sales offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Europe.
  • be one solutions is a global company and has a team who is familiar with business requirements in Thailand.


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Doing Business in Thailand

  • Since implementation, Takebishi can now manage not only the cost of products but the income and expenditure management of each product.
  • The team can analyze product cost, profit and loss by model, and profit and loss by customer.
  • Reports can be tailored by requirements.
  • The Thailand office is now in line with other overseas bases.
  • All management indicators are now captured accurately and in real time.

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